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Omnibus survey translation

Omnibus surveys offer researchers a trio of benefits; cost efficient surveying, robust sample size and trend data. The Language Factory is a specialist market research translation agency with 25 years’ experience helping clients gather trend data and unlocking the insights it contains.

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Our key specialism is translation for the market research and consumer insight sector. We know that meaningful insight begins and ends with accurate Q&A. Whether you require face-to-face, online or telephone interviews, we will ensure each and every question is translated perfectly to yield a rich, insightful response, consistent across all your target markets.

The advantage of working with The Language Factory is that we can use the same expert translation team again and again guaranteeing you consistency and expertise. 

If you are planning on using a single supplier for global omnibus research, we can also centralise the coding of translated responses, removing the requirement of locating individual country agencies.

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