Focus group precis and  translation

Our combination of translation and comprehension

Focus groups reveal a wealth of information about respondents’ thoughts and opinions on a particular subject. They enable you to probe for more information, gaining greater insight on the motivations of your participants.

If you need a full written record, you may opt for audio translation or transcription, but if all you need is the gist of the session, our focus group précis or summary service will give you just that.

Our global network of professional linguists are well placed to provide you with a concise résumé of your focus group. Combining superior knowledge of the source language and culture with an analytical approach, your focus group or interview will be condensed into the salient points.

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Why choose The Language Factory for focus group translation 

At The Language Factory our translation services are predominantly aimed at the market research and consumer insight sector. We have over 25 years’ of accumulated knowledge and process experience which we use to deliver high-quality, speedy focus group translation solutions.

We use the same high calibre of professional translators for all our market research translation services. Each fully understands the subtleties of the source language and is able to identify and convey the real meaning of your open focus group responses, resulting in the most relevant and meaningful results from your research.

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