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The Language Factory is a specialist consumer insight and market research translation agency. For over 27 years we have been providing language services to the international market research industry, helping them engage, communicate with and truly understand customers and audiences around the world.



For every translation we combine 100% human language experts with just the right amount of tech to hand you back a precise, authentic translation, right on time. All projects are overseen by qualified linguist project managers. So, whether your translation is big, small, into one language or many it is treated with the TLC it deserves and you will receive a precise language solution, simply. 


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Online QC

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In addition to language expertise, we add one more ingredient: our best-in-class delivery service. 


Your market research project will be translated by a professional linguist, hand picked for their expertise in market research translation and your industry. Their human skill is combined with technical know-how to produce the perfect translation. All is governed by your qualified linguist project manager. Together they provide the seamless end-to-end service to deliver you a precise translation. 

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We specialise in providing business translation services of the highest quality, in the most straightforward manner. We are all about top-notch translation, made simple.