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A huge amount of effort goes into the creation and translation of your fieldwork, research reports, content and more. Ensuring your work is linguistically accurate, grammatically correct and culturally appropriate for your target audience is a vital step in your professional process.

To ensure that each translation meets your high standards, The Language Factory offers a best-in-class translation proofreading service.  You can be confident that an expert mother-tongue translator has reviewed every element of your project, enabling you to launch your proofread translation with confidence.

Specialist linguists

Over the past 3 decades we have curated a community of best-in-class translators. Collectively they are:

  • Native speakers of over 140 languages

  • Hand-picked for their expertise in a broad range of sectors – from employee engagement to travel and tourism and everything in between

  • Able to judge the correct tone, form of address and terminology based on extensive experience

  • Precise, accurate and aware that in language proofreading, attention to detail is paramount

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Market-leading project management

Our smooth and straightforward end-to-end service will get you to launch faster. Our experienced team:

  • Leverages our extensive network of translators to deliver your project ASAP

  • Follows our in-house quality processes to monitor all deliverables

  • Harnesses their market research translation expertise to ensure efficiency at every stage

  • Can also assist you with online quality checking to further guarantee the quality of your project/survey

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