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Website and digital marketing translation

At The Language Factory we specialise in website and digital marketing translation and localisation. For almost as long as websites have existed, we have been helping clients recreate their brand across borders, reaching new audiences and unlocking international markets.


Our digital translation specialisms include

  • Company websites
  • Blogs, e-mail marketing, company news and PR posts
  • Social media posts and advertising
  • Search and programmatic advertising

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Why choose The Language Factory for your website translation

The best website translations do not look like translations at all. At The Language Factory our website translation specialists have the language skills and communication expertise to recreate your onscreen brand as if it were written by a local in the first place. We add value through ensuring;

  • Tone of voice is kept
  • Your context and meaning remain exact
  • All the subtleties and nuances of the target language are applied
  • Jokes are still funny
  • Local terminology is applied
  • Industry terminology is precisely translated
  • Text and meta-data remain linked, to make the best of your SEO

Whether your company’s industry is automotive, travel, engineering, education or healthcare (and many more) we have specialist, technical translators on hand to take your brand anywhere in the world you want it to go.


Website translation vs website localisation  

Website translation is perfect for expanding your digital presence into cultures similar to your own. If you are expanding to new languages within one country or hopping from country to country within one continent, translation should fit the bill. However, if your hop is more of a leap, into a culture or language significantly different to your own then we recommend asking us about content marketing localisation.


Content marketing localisation  


In the context of digital marketing, localisation is translation-plus. It is a deep-dive alignment of your brand and your brand messaging, with the culture and social behaviors of your target audience’s country and region, as well as their language.

At The Language Factory our localisation service assess and feedback on a wide range of cultural aspects which ensure you engage with everyone, offend no one, and make all the right moves to get your onscreen audience, on side. For example, we assess;


  • Localised language, just as your site visitors speak
  • Local superstitions. The colour red is lucky in China. The number 4 is unlucky in Japan
  • Time and date style (dd/mm/year versus mm/dd/year)
  • Cultural and legal sensitivity of featured products, images and activities

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