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Audio translation is the art of listening in one language and creating an accurate translation in another. 

At The Language Factory we have over 25 years’ experience of audio translation for multiple business sectors. We provide international organisations with audio data converted to a format which is easy to review, amend, report upon and circulate internationally.

Our audio translation team are specialist linguists: native-speakers of your target language and hand-picked for their experience of  translating within your industry. 

Their expertise and knowledge of terminology, idioms and industry jargon ensure each and every audio file we translate is clear, unambiguous and carries the meaning of the original speech.


We audio translate for multiple business sectors

Whether you require transcription of a series of 60 minute interviews, a multi-hour focus group or a technical trade seminar, we’re on-hand to transcribe your recordings with an unrivaled combination of accuracy and speed.

Marketing and market research

Focus groups, consumer video diaries, customer interviews, vox-pops, VOD and broadcast advertising.

HR and employee development

Company conferences, webinars, internal training material, employee interviews

Education and training

Technical training videos, industry seminars and conferences, lectures, e-learning


TV, video, pod-casts, radio programmes and audio-books

Audio Translation Services

Why choose The Language Factory for your audio translation 

Our global network of professional linguists have translated thousands of hours of audio and video recordings. We will produce precisely the product you require.

For example, market research transcription usually requires some cleaning up of the interview. This may include removing extra words, completing or deleting unfinished sentences and dealing with interjections and all the ‘ers’ and ‘uhms’. All the way, emphasis is given to readability, so vocabulary and grammar can be altered to give the smoothest possible rendering of the source.

However, for transcripts of legal interviews the exact audio file, word-for-word, is likely to need to be transcribed.

Source material formats

Whether you need a linguist who is market research-literate or who understands technical jargon, we can efficiently translate audio recordings across multiple languages and in all common formats, including .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .wma and .mov.

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