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The hard work is done: your survey results are in and you have written your report presenting the respondents’ answers and your insights in a meaningful way – congratulations! Next, ensuring that the quality, tone and content of the work is not lost on your international audience is critical to the success and integrity of your project, our report translation services can help.

At The Language Factory, every last word of your report will be handled by expert mother-tongue linguists, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience translating for your industry. We offer a full report translation service as well as proofreading of materials translated by other translators or colleagues. For additional peace of mind, we can also provide an ISO-certified translation and revision service, enabling you to publish your findings in any market with confidence.

Specialist linguists

Over the past three decades, we have curated a community of expert linguists who meet the following criteria with their report translation services:

  • Maintain the tone and presentation style of your report

  • Spot inconsistencies and sense-check any data with precision

  • Deliver translated reports that retain the formatting of the original version and are ready to be shared with clients

  • Translate slide notes accurately to ensure the smooth running of presentations by your in-country colleagues

Report translation
Donaji Edwins

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Quickly understand the objectives and requirements of your report

  • Select the right mother-tongue linguist for your project, based on their subject matter specialty

  • Harness their market research translation expertise to expedite the project

  • Provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service

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