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In 2024, 70% of consumers state that they only engage with marketing content in their native language. An additional 75% are more likely to buy a product or service when information is presented in their mother-tongue.

Recognising the pivotal role language plays in purchasing decisions, we understand the ability to craft compelling assets in multiple languages is crucial to the success of your marketing agency and its clients. Well-executed translations have the power to increase your customers’ brand awareness and market share in all target geographies.

Moreover, every translation needs to be accurate and culturally sensitive to engage your clients’ target audiences and enhance brand credibility.

Read on to discover how our marketing agency translation services can help meet these objectives.

What translation services do marketing agencies need?

Ensuring every element in your campaigns is translated with accuracy, consistency and authenticity is crucial. Our experienced team, including 1000+ mother-tongue translators and seasoned Project and Account Managers, is ready to meet this challenge.

Here are some of the services most commonly used by our marketing agency clients:

  • Digital marketing: accurate and brand-sensitive translation for SEO, websites, social media posts and all other online content.
  • Asset translation: mother-tongue linguists providing nuanced and idiomatic translations for your carefully-crafted marketing content, such as gated content, brochureware and whitepapers.
  • Event translation: culturally sensitive, high-quality translation of all conference materials and presentations.
  • PR: specialist translation of press releases and media updates by expert human linguists.
  • Advertising: human translation for promotional content in online and offline publications and on social media.
  • Review services: by a professional proofreader of your foreign-language copy before it goes live. English editing of material prepared by non-native speakers to ensure it flows naturally for an English reader.

What do our clients say about us?

“Marcela was extremely communicative during the process and really helpful in understanding the requirements and feeding back as possible. The translators not only delivered the required material but also fed back on some thins that didn’t look right or make sense in our current system which help us improve our offering. Above and beyond!

Orion Brooks
Group Head of HR Systems & Data
Merlin Entertainments

“Janka was fast to respond, kept me up to date on deadlines and project progress, and delivered great work.

Freddie Weiss
Platform Communications

“Great service, great quality of work.”

Steph Almond
Managing Director

“Very happy with fast response and quickness of translation.

Nigel Robson
Vortex PR

“Working with Gaelle was easy, efficient and reassuring – would highly recommend.

Hanna Garrett
PR and Marketing Manager
Conscious Communications

Always very friendly and efficient.”

James Benenson
Managing Director
Nerds Collective

What is the value of marketing agency translation services?

  • Business development: expand into new business markets by including translated proposals, presentations and other documentation in your pitches for your marketing services across different regions.
  • Client and internal communication: build trust with clients across regions, including translating emails, reports and other communications into their native language.
  • International communication: for marketing agencies with international teams, translation is crucial to ensure all team members, regardless of language, understand all project details, goals and strategies.
  • Event management: use translation services to better organise international conferences, meetings and seminars, including event materials and presentations.
  • Supporting clients: provide other marketing translation services to build your brand in global markets.

Why use a leading translation agency?

With so many translation options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. At The Language Factory, we differentiate ourselves in several ways, including:

  • An established track record

The Language Factory is one of the most experienced translation agencies in the UK. We work in over 140 languages, ranging from European languages such as French and German to large non-European languages such as Arabic and Vietnamese, and lesser-used regional languages from around the globe. With such a wide scope of languages catered for, we provide translation services for marketing agencies operating in almost any region.


  • A reputation for quality

For TLF the quality of our translation services is paramount. We provide a human-led service, employing a team of expert mother-tongue linguists, from our Project Managers to our translators, to ensure that your marketing materials are not just translated accurately, but also with authenticity for your target market.


  • The human touch

We never rely on machine translations and we always translate with an eye to what sounds natural and clear to a native speaker of the language we’re working in. Clients across the marketing space and beyond have given us rave reviews and we take pride in the tailored and sector-specific approach we take.


  • Precision

In marketing, just as in other areas of translation, precision matters. You’re selling a very specific product or service, with particular merits that you want to convey to customers. You’re spending a lot of time perfecting the English-language copy for that product or service, so why risk losing all that precision by compromising on the translation process? Choosing The Language Factory will guarantee your marketing agency a high-quality translation service, but at a very reasonable cost.

Our industry recognition, accreditations and association memberships

We are proud of our long-standing membership of language industry bodies, ATC (Association of Translation Companies) and ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) and association with the Market Research Society, abiding by their strict codes of conduct and demonstrating our commitment to best practice for the benefit of our clients.

ITI 15 years membership
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Specialist linguists

Over the past three decades, we have curated a community of expert linguists who can:

  • Judge the correct tone, form of address and terminology for your target audience
  • Recommend colloquialisms and references to give your content added impact
  • Highlight any potential cultural issues
  • Translate to a “print ready” standard on short deadlines

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Understand your brand guidelines, campaign objectives and deadlines
  • Hand-pick the right mother-tongue linguist to provide you with expert marketing agency translation services based on your target audience and brief
  • Harness their marketing agency translation expertise to expedite the project
  • Provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service

Meet our expert project management team.

Project Manager, Caroline

Talk to TLF

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