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Quality matters when providing best-in-class translation services

At The Language Factory, quality assurance is our number one priority. It influences every stage of our process, from ensuring your documents are translation-ready, hand-picking the translator and overseeing the delivery to checking the completed translation.

Delivering to the highest standards

We are proud of our long-standing association with the Market Research Society and membership of language industry bodies, ATC (Association of Translation Companies) and ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), abiding by their strict codes of conduct and demonstrating our commitment to best practice for the benefit of our clients. We have also been named finalists for two industry awards this year: ATC Project Management Team of the Year award and MRS Best Support Services. Being shortlisted for these awards is testament to the amazing work our team does to support our clients and each other, day in day out.

We provide an ISO 17100-certified translation and revision service, the gold standard in translation quality, and have many proven processes in place to ensure your projects are completed efficiently and accurately.


Our proven processes
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What makes a best-in-class translation team?

Our commitment to quality assurance begins long before we receive a project request, with the recruitment of our linguists. Our rigorous application process ensures only the most suitable linguists can meet our standards. All of our translators are qualified, professional, mother-tongue linguists with over 5 years of specialist experience and a successful translation test under their belt. If you are curious to learn more, read our blog on the 5 benefits of mother-tongue translation.

The Language Factory’s Project Managers are all graduate linguists and speakers of two or more languages – meet the TLF team here. Working to ISO quality standards, they will seamlessly manage your project from start to finish and be your point of contact for any queries, additions or changes. They also complete all pre-delivery checks to ensure quality in your translations and the success of your projects.

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Our proven processes

1. Project receipt
We review the files and instructions, identifying any potential challenges and ensuring documents are optimised for a streamlined translation process. The Project Manager will also liaise with suitable linguists to confirm delivery timelines, which, once agreed, are set in stone.

2. Project duration
The Project Manager will stay in touch with the linguists throughout the process, responding to any queries and liaising on any file amendments, providing peace of mind and updates as required.

3. In-house checks
The Project Managers conduct a series of in-house checks prior to the delivery of your final translation. We use both technology and human expertise to check translations, though of course the final say rests with our human colleagues: Project Managers and linguists.

  • Automated checks: We use industry-leading translation software to help identify translation anomolies and inconsistencies. All technology used is closed loop to prevent unauthorised sharing, loss or leak of proprietary date. Any items flagged by the software are checked by our human Project Managers and queries are referred back to the translators for the final say.
  • Human checks: As good as technology is, our Project Managers perform checks even the best software cannot. Any relevant comments are passed on to you for your approval. Once final, the files are delivered to you within the agreed deadline.

4. Post-delivery follow-up
Our linguists are ready and primed to review and quickly implement feedback or changes from you or your end clients. As part of our commitment to our ISO quality standard certification, we encourage feedback and send out a short survey after every project, using this feedback to continually improve and enhance our service.

Did you know TLF is a trusted translation partner to global brands from a broad range of sectors?


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