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At The Language Factory, quality assurance is our number one priority. It influences every stage of our process, from ensuring your documents are translation-ready, hand-picking the right linguist, overseeing the delivery to checking the completed translation.

Delivering to the highest standards

We are committed to adhering to industry best practices, as our membership of industry bodies such as ATC and ITI demonstrates.

We are also proud to provide an ISO 17100-certified translation and revision service, the gold standard in translation quality, and have many proven procedures in place to ensure your projects are completed efficiently and accurately.


Our proven processes
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Best-in-class team

All of our translators are qualified, professional, mother-tongue linguists with 5+ years’ specialist experience and a successful translation test under their belt. The Language Factory’s Project Managers are all graduate linguists and speakers of two or more languages.

Together, they follow our proprietary processes, delivering a seamless, end-to-end service and flawless translation, all of which is demonstrated in our customer ratings below:


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Met deadlines

Our proven processes

1. Project receipt: We review the files and instructions, identifying any potential challenges and ensuring the files are prepared for a streamlined translation process. Your Project Manager will also liaise with the linguists to agree delivery timelines.

2. Project duration: Your Project Manager will stay in touch with the linguist throughout the project to respond to any queries or updates, ensure delivery is on time and keep you completely up-to-date.

3. In-house checks: Our Project Managers conduct a series of in-house checks prior to the delivery of your completed translation. During the final verifications, we use a combination of humans and technology to check translations, though of course the final say rests with our human colleagues.

4. Post-delivery follow-up: Our linguists are primed to review and quickly implement feedback or changes from the end client. We encourage feedback and send out a short survey after every project to make sure you’re happy and so we can continually improve our translation services.

Our proven processes

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