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So you’ve fielded a survey and have all the written data back but don’t know where to start? The Language Factory can help. We believe firmly that human translation options are still superior to machines and this is especially important in working with verbatim responses from surveys. Please see our various post-fielding written services below:

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of responses, but

all in another language?

You will need our verbatim translation services. Our expert linguists tap into the respondents’ mindset and can successfully interpret acronyms, slang and seemingly non-sensical responses into genuine, useful data.

You have all the responses and want to skip

straight into analysis?

Then you may be interested in our coding services. We can offer a direct-to-coding service in many languages, skipping the need for translation.

Our linguists can work with an existing code frame or, in conjunction with our clients, adapt or devise a new code frame per language and/or country, giving insights tailored per market.

Perhaps your responses are from a webchat or


A one-hour chat can result in thousands of words. If you want to get straight down to the main points, then our summary service is ideal for you. Our linguists can go through the whole script and narrow the data down to a few key points or questions, allowing you to know if a full translation is something worth budgeting extra for.

You’ve gathered all of your insights and written

your report for your client.

It’s well known that people process and understand information better in their own language. This is where our final post-fielding written service comes in – we can provide report translation, making sure that all of your insights and MR expertise is translated correctly so you are speaking their language.

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If you’re looking for support with a written translation or any other language translation service, then fill out our quote form and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you.

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