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Do you have lots of video and audio to sift through from your latest international qualitative survey? The Language Factory’s post-fielding audio translation services are just what you need!

You need quality data insights from your audio

or video recordings, but which service do

you need?

We recommend starting with transcription.

The Language Factory we can provide transcriptions of your audio or video files in the same language they were recorded in.


Perhaps you have fielded in a language you don’t

speak, but need insights in English?

Then our audio translation service is the one for you.

This is where instead of writing down the original language then translating the written text, we can work directly into English.

A more cost-effective and time-effective route to your analysis.

Have you run a focus group?

Our transcribers and audio translators can also work on these projects, ensuring speakers are correctly identified in each focus group transcription, or offering a summary précis service for quicker, more easily digestible insights.

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If you’re looking for support with an audio translation or any other language translation service, then fill out our quote form and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you.

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