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As a market research translation agency, we understand that the insights you provide have a profound effect on your clients’ strategies, helping them to drive growth and success in every market.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner to the industry’s leaders. We combine expert native-speaking linguists, specialist Project Managers, ISO-Compliant Processes and just the right amount of technology to enable you to engage with and understand audiences around the world.

If you successfully prepare, you are preparing for success!

Key Steps in Market Research Translation – Pre-fielding

Three decades of partnership with the market research industry have given us unique insight into every step of a research project and we know that preparation is key.

Our pre-fielding translation services ensure your survey is translated with accuracy, efficiency and authenticity and aligns with previous waves in every geography.

English editing
More than words …

Post-fielding – written

Congratulations! Your results are in, now you need to understand not just what your respondents said, but what they really mean.

Machines trail far behind human understanding of context, culture, tone and more. That’s why we firmly believe in human translation services, over machine-based alternatives. At TLF every last word of your project will be handled by an expert mother-tongue linguist with specific understanding of your industry.

Illuminating conversations

Post-fielding – audio

The pearls of wisdom shared in conversation should never be lost in translation. The detail of what is said in face-to-face interviews and focus groups provides vital colour to your final insights and direct quotes for reports.

Our translators can provide summarised extracts of your audio recordings or word-for-word renditions, to give added depth to your qualitative analysis.


Focus group precis
Project Manager, Caroline
There’s no ‘i’ in translate

Get to know your market research translations team

It’s always hard to write the “team section” without sounding trite and biased, but here goes! Caroline Ondares King (pictured here in the wild) leads our international team of dedicated Project Managers, linguists and translation experts. The team combines their passion for languages, fanatical attention to detail, ISO-compliant processes and market research industry know-how, to ensure your translation is completed with accuracy, efficiency and authenticity.

For almost 30 years we have curated a global network of mother-tongue translators handpicked for their linguistic skills and expert knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary, for example medical market research terms.

We look forward to working with you!

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