Translation for market research and insight 

At The Language Factory we specialise in delivering the highest quality business translations for the market research industry. We do it quickly, professionally and simply. It’s our thing.

We operate across many industry verticals. At every step of the process we aim to be accommodating, resourceful, helpful and add value to your experience with us. This page explains what we do and how we do it.

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Why choose us for market research translations

Our raison d’etre is to help clients better understand their audiences. Our global network of professional translators and UK team of qualified linguist project managers are organised to make that happen, in the most straight forward way.

Together they specialise in making sure every question we translate is crystal-clear and ready to yield meaningful customer intelligence and those precious nuggets of consumer insight.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind that the survey they send into the field, and the responses it generates are accurate, precise, appropriate and ready to work for you. 

Whether your project is to delivered online, offline, via mobile, face-to-face, telephone or focus group, we have a qualified team that can help.

Our market research translation verticals

Our clients trust us to understand their industry’s research briefs and appreciate our flexible, expert approach. We offer translation support to international consumer insight experts researching B2C and B2B audiences in multiple verticals, including: 


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From proposal to debrief

We understand the market research process, from top-to-tail. Our translations will bring your business results. From translating questionnaires, to preparing stimulus material, to summarising open-end responses we offer end-to-end translation, made simple.  It’s what we do! 

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