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Asking open-ended questions provides a wealth of illuminating information, adds valuable colour and brings your insights to life. Open responses are often lengthy and represent the unbiased and unfiltered customer voice. To get maximum value from this enquiry format, answers must be accurately, efficiently and authentically quantified and translated.

Our open-end coding service expedites this process. Using a code frame, supplied by you or created by our expert linguists, responses are grouped into words, phrases, ideas and concepts. This enables them to be easily analysed alongside any quantitative results to create relevant and meaningful research.

Specialist linguists

Over the past three decades we have curated a community of experts linguists who are able to:

  • Translate and quantify responses from a wide range of survey sources – online, offline, phone, audio, video, customer feedback systems, social media and more

  • Understand the subtleties of the source language

  • Identify and convey the open responses’ real meaning

Gaelle Notermans-Javaloyes

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Validate the code frame to ensure it aligns to your survey objectives and requirements

  • Select the right mother-tongue linguist for your project based on their subject matter specialty

  • Harness their market research translation expertise to expedite the project

  • Provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service

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