Survey and questionnaire translation

Let’s face it, the best part of working in international market research is constructing the questions and, later, diving into your new data for bright ideas and colourful consumer insights. Who’s interested in the translation bit in the middle? Well, actually, we are. 

At The Language Factory, we have over 25 years of experience translating international market research surveys and questionnaires for business. It’s part of our specialism and what we do best.

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Why choose The Language Factory for your survey translations 


Specialist translators

Effective insight begins with precise Q&A. Our global network of professional, native-speaking translators are fluent in over 140 languages.

Their expertise ensures that each and every question (and answer) we translate has the exact, unambiguous language and local phraseology to yield a meaningful response: helping you really get to know your customers, all around the world.


Expert linguist project managers

Quality control and customer satisfaction are key to our business. We understand the needs of market researchers so we are geared up to providing you with a smooth, straightforward, end-to-end service.

Our Project Managers handpick each translator for each project, work with clients throughout the project and ensure we deliver a translation that meets your needs. Getting it right first time simply makes sense.

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