Online quality checking

Online quality checking (Online QC) is a key component for successful surveys. Essentially it involves role-playing through your translated survey, in any given language, to check it displays correctly and that there are no linguistic anomalies.

As the penultimate stage in the process, it is critical to preempting issues which might otherwise only reveal themselves once the survey is in the field.


How online QC works

We offers three levels of online QC:

Tier 1

Carried out by your original translator.

Ensures all translations are present and grammatically accurate. Text formatting is assessed for on-screen rendering. Sequencing is examined to ensure inserts and error messages show correctly and the respondent path through the survey is uninterrupted.

Tier 2

Carried out by your original translator or a second linguist if preferred.

Conducted as Tier 1 with additional focus on translation readability and suitability of context in the online format. Question piping is examined in greater depth and routing anomalies are flagged.

Tier 3

Carried out by a second, equally qualified linguist.

Incorporates all elements of Tier 2 with additional full proofreading against the source material. This top tier guarantees a second opinion for your final quality checks.

Prior to online QC clients supply us with full survey routing instructions to ensure all questions, answers and error messages are viewed correctly.

We also receive details of any particular completion scenarios e.g. going through the survey posing first as a male respondent then as a female or, as a teenager then as a 60+. This covers various quota possibilities and ensures all questions, answers options and error messages are checked.

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Why use The Language Factory for your online QC

At The Language Factory our key specialism is translation for the market research and consumer insight sector. We have over 25 years’ experience assessing survey and questionnaire construction, flow and sequencing in over 140 languages.

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