Translation. Made simple.

At The Language Factory we specialise in delivering high-quality business translations quickly, professionally and simply.
It's our thing. 

This page is about why and how we do it.


How we do things

Irrespective of how big, small, simple or complicated your translation project is, we will handle it with the same high level of TLC we apply to all clients and every translation. Each is managed by a dedicated team of linguist project managers and hand-picked specialist translators. 

Together we combine skilful human translation with just the right amount of technology to get your language solution up and running quickly, accurately and simply.

All projects are run under our tried and tested project management process. Our in-house protocol governs how we process your translation. Our standard level of service is simply a cut above the rest. 


We know you are busy enough, so leave the heavy lifting to us.

We are committed to making your experience with us as straightforward and satisfactory as possible. Once we receive your brief, this happens.

Step 1. Brief validation

Quality control begins here. Our linguist Project Managers review your brief and analyse your source files so they’re clear on what needs to be translated. Thorough preparation at this stage picks up any anomalies, such as text which need not actually be translated, and this is relayed back to you for resolution. Once approved, the translation-ready source material is given to your translator(s) to get cracking on what they do best: delivering speedy, precisely-translated documents.

Step 2. Translator selection

We only work with the best of the best, all of our translators are experienced, qualified and will only work within their own specialist domains. Our translator database is an exclusive club, only those who work into their mother tongue, have at least five years’ experience and provide professional references are let in. Competition is high, meaning all of our linguists also have to pass a translation test, and preference is given to those who are members of a recognised translation body.

For your project, we will choose the translator who is the best fit – with proven experience in translating similar texts.

Step 3: Consistency rules

Many of our projects run in multiple languages or are repeated in multiple waves, with updates from one version to another. In these cases all translators working on the project receive identically clear instructions and guidance. This ensures all translations are produced to the same style, tone and quality, in every language, always.

Step 4. Continuous quality check

We believe that every word counts, and it’s our job to make sure yours add up right. As your translation progresses, our team continues to scrutinise your source material and flag any text, grammar or tone of voice issues. We discuss solutions with you and together nip any potential problems in the bud. It’s our process but it’s your translation. Getting it right first time simply makes sense.

Step 5. Review and delivery

Project Managers perform a final review, ensuring all queries have been resolved and the translations meet your delivery specifications. Once complete, we hand your project back exactly as you want to receive it, without hold ups or hiccups.

Our values

Each evening we like to look back on our day and feel proud of how we helped clients tick jobs off their to-do lists and achieve their goals. We think the best way to achieve this is by living the values which reflect what sort of people we are, the company we want to work in and how we do things.


#1. Consistently deliver the highest quality translation service 

All our translators and Project Managers are highly qualified and experienced. Their professionalism infuses every project and ensures we deliver the best translations, simply.  

#2. Provide outstanding value to our clients

Our expert team offer advice, spot problems before they appear, provide solutions and deliver a first-class product, saving you time and money in the long run.   

#3. Be a pleasure to work with

Our Translators and Project Managers are all very much on your side. They work closely with you all the way through the project to ensure that when it comes to scope, expectations and delivery times, we are all on the same page. And if you need something something that’s a bit out of the ordinary, they’re happy to find the right solution for you.

#4. Move with the times

If you’ve watched Brief Encounter (other 1940’s classic movies are available) you may recall the “dreadfully, awfully, most wonderful” vocabulary. But no one uses words like that now.

As language evolves, so do we. Our 100% human translators are up to speed with the evolution of your target language(s), blending precise grammar with modern phrases, expressions and style. Your translation will always be contemporary, genuine and appropriate for your audience.

#5. Maintain our ethical values and make a meaningful contribution

We strive to be helpful to clients and to others where we can. We proudly support the international development charity MicroLoan Foundation. Every project placed with The Language Factory helps to make a positive contribution to the lives of women in Africa.


Our technology

At The Language Factory although your translators are 100% human, we do use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools as an aid to translation. They do not replicate or replace our expert human translators, because they do the translation job best, but the judicious application of CAT tools facilitates speed and accuracy through the translation process.

How our translation tech works

The key benefit of translation tech is the creation and use of Translation Memories (TMs). Different texts often share common and/or repetitive language. Using Translation Memory tools on your projects means the same phrases within a project need not be translated again and again.

TMs remembers every sentence we translate. Should that sentence re-appear, either in the same translation file or elsewhere in your project, it is automatically recalled from memory and instantly integrated into its new position.

But don’t worry, your translator still checks each sentence generated for context and appropriateness. They may amend it a little to better fit its new location, but they won’t need to re-translate the source text from scratch, saving valuable time (and money!).

In-tool verification checks are also used by both our translators and PMs. These are fine-tuned to work better than a human eye in many cases. This verification can help to check for inconsistent translations and certain errors, such as missing punctuation or incorrect numbers. Tools like this can’t and don’t replace human beings, but are a valuable tool in our final human checks.


Our translation tech systems

Our Translation Memory tool of choice is SDL Trados Studio, one of the world’s most recognised and trusted translation tech systems. In addition, we are in on-going dialogue with the developers of this software and constantly endeavour to find ways of improving its benefit for our translators, Project Managers and ultimately clients.

We manage our projects with a bespoke project management software designed specifically for the translation industry. TPBox allows our PMs to streamline the project process, from choosing the correct supplier(s) for your project, to exchanging files securely with our translators, ensuring no time is wasted in getting your project off the ground.

File formats we work In

If you use it, we do, too. We work in all common file formats including XML, XLF, HTML, PDF, InDesign and Microsoft Office-based programmes. We also work with all software common to our business sector specialisms. For example, we regularly work in ConfirmIT, SurveyGizmo and Qualtrics during many of our market research and consumer insight projects.

To maintain strictest confidentiality, we do not allow automated or cloud translation to be used on our clients’ projects.

FAQs about us

1. How many languages do you speak?

Individually each of our translators translate into their native language. Collectively, our network of translators accommodate over 140 languages. Our most commonly requested languages are French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Italian but if you need it, we can help. Get in touch for your next translation project and find out!

2. Which translation services do you offer?

At The Language Factory we can offer you a wide range of business translation services.

We specialise in translation solutions for the Market research and consumer insight sector, where we provide language services for Survey and questionnaires translation, Verbatim response translation, Open-end coding, Online QC, Omnibus survey translation, Back-translation and Focus group translation and precis.

We also have specialist experience providing business translation services for Online and content marketing, Audio translation, Copy editing, Transcription, Technical documentation translation and Proofreading.  

3. Which business sectors do you specialise in?

The Language Factory has over 25 years’ experience providing translation services to a wide range of business sectors.

We have vast experience delivering translation solutions for Consumer and B2B marketing (including website and digital marketing content), PR and corporate communications, HR and employee development, (including e-learning systems), Education and Travel and tourism.

We specialise in language solutions for the Market Research sector where we offer translation support to international consumer insight experts working in FMCG, e-commerce, Education, Retail, Medicine, I.T., Consumer technology, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Health and Safety, Finance, Accounting and Travel.

4. What are your rates?

Our fees depend on three things:


For the more commonly translated languages (such as French, Italian, Spanish and German) translation resources are usually more abundant, and cost reflects this.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can give you an estimate, even if your project is only in the pipeline.


As a guide we estimate a translator will complete around 1,500-2,000 words per day (that’s about 5-6 sides of A4 in regular type).

We’ll move heaven and earth to meet your deadline and you can always line us up for an upcoming project. We’ll be ready and waiting when your source text is signed-off.

Repeat Copy

If a document has the same sentence or phrase used more than once, this can be counted as a repetition. Repetitions will always be quality checked for context and suitability of placement, but may be charged at a lower rate.


5. What is your project turnaround time?

Timing is dependent on two things: 

Language. For the more commonly translated languages (such as French, Italian, Spanish and German) translations are most often straightforward, and turn-around time reflects this.

More complicated or less common languages may require greater specialism and translation time.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can give you an estimate, even if your project is only in the pipeline.

Copy supply and translation sign-off. Here the ball is in your court. Turnaround times depend on when we receive your copy and linguist availability. Bank holidays, for example, can affect how quickly a translation can be completed. So the more notice you can provide, the bettter, but we’ll alway do our best to meet your deadline.

Just contact us and we’ll give you an accurate timeframe for your project planning.

6. How good are your translations?

In a word, very. We may go so far as to say exceptional. High quality translation is critical to delivering on our client service commitment. We only use the very best translators and the very best project managers.

See the next question for information on who our translators are and why you can have faith in the translations we provide.

7. Who will carry out my translation?

100% human translators who are all highly qualified linguists (accredited to Institute of Translating and Interpreting (ITI), Chartered Institute of Linguists (IOL) or local country equivalents) and with a minimum of five years’ experience in their chosen translation field. They are expert at framing your translation perfectly for the vocabulary of your target audience.

All translators are hand-picked by our specialist project managers, based upon their experience relative to your project. Their understanding of technical terminology and industry ‘speak’ infuses your translation ensuring your end product says exactly what you want it to say, in exactly the way you want to say it.

For verbatim survey responses translated into English, for transcriptions and audio translations we may use a linguist who is a native speakers of the source language. They are often better placed to capture the more informal and colourful language used in these situations.

8. Do you operate 24/7?

Our global network of native-speaking translators are resident in multiple time zones across the world. When we’re asleep, they are wide awake working on your project.

If a translation request is received by 5.00pm GMT it can be sent for translation overnight in a different time zone. Depending on length and language, it can be ready for UK in-house quality control the very next morning.

9. What file formats can you work in?

If you use it, we do too. We accommodate all common file formats: XML, XLF, HTML, PDF and MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

We also work with all software common to our clients’ business sector specialism. For example, we often work in ConfirmIT, SurveyGizmo and Qualtrics during many of our market research and consumer insight survey projects.

10. Are your translators experienced In XML and online survey software?

In a word, absolutely. We use a range of online survey software for translation/editing purposes with logins provided by our clients. All of our translators are proficient with the translation modules of ConfirmIT, Qualtrics and SurveyGizmo.

11. Do you use machine translation?

We do not use machine translation. We provide 100% human translation with qualified, experienced professional translators.

We use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) technology to facilitate speed and accuracy throughout the translation process.

The key benefit of translation tech is Translation Memory (TM). Different texts can often share common, repetitive language. Using Translation Memory on your projects means the same phrases within a project need not be translated again and again.

Translation Memory remembers every sentence we translate. Should that sentence appear again, either in the same file or elsewhere in your project, it is instantly recalled from memory and automatically integrated into the new position. This speeds up your project and delivers consistency in text, tone, grammar and style across all of the translated files.

Our translator (and proofreader, if used) will check each sentence over for context and appropriateness – they may amend it to make it better fit its new location – but they won’t need to re-translate the source text again. Collectively, this streamlining saves time and money but retains the high quality of your original, human translation. It’s all good.

Our Translation Memory tool of choice is SDL Trados Studio, one of the world’s most recognised and trusted translation tech systems.

Our projects are managed using TPBox, software designed specifically for the translation industry. TPBox allows us to streamline processes making translation quicker and simpler for translators and customers.

12. What memberships and accreditation do you hold?
  • We can provide an ISO 17100:2015 certified translation and revision service, as confirmed by the UK Association Of Translation Companies 
  • We are affiliated to the MRS Company Partnership Scheme

Our commitment to quality and robust internal procedures has been recognised through corporate membership of:

  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)
  • Association of Translation Companies (ATC)
  • Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)
13. What quality control procedures do you have in place?

At The Language Factory, we pride ourselves on providing translations of the highest quality. All translations are managed under our Delivery+ service protocol, guaranteeing consistently high quality translations overseen by expert linguist project managers.  

Translator Selection

We employ only professional translators, hand-picked for each project relative to their industry experience, including market research and consumer insight, human resources, digital/content marketing, FMCG, education and travel & tourism. 

Process Control 

Our project managers operate above and beyond the levels of quality control demanded by professional bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Association of Translation Companies and Market Research Society.


Across larger and/or omnibus translations, we endeavour to use the same translation team for the duration and scope of the project. Your team become familiar with your briefing style and preferred terminology, facilitating a smooth end-to-end process, resulting in a high quality solution without hold ups or hiccups.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  


MicroLoan Foundation

We have been supporting international development projects which focus on women’s empowerment for over a decade. Currently our core project is the charity, MicroLoan Foundation. 

MicroLoan’s objective is to assist the poorest women in rural Africa out of poverty by encouraging entrepreneurship. They provide funding (microloans), mentoring and support to people who would otherwise have no access to financial services. 

The valuable training and (micro) start-up investment supplied helps recipients start businesses of their own, ultimately developing financial independence. Through their sustained enterprises they become better equipped to provide food security, housing, healthcare and education for their children. 

We are proud to say that since partnering with MicroLoan Foundationwe have helped over 3,000 women start their own businesses and begin their journey out of poverty. As a result over 12,000 children in their care are able to eat three meals per day, go to the doctor if they fall ill and get the opportunity to attend school. We are proud to support women like Fatima in Malawi and Mavis in Zambia. 

Please contact us directly if you would like to learn more about our commitment to the MicroLoan Foundation. 

Alternatively, if you are interested in their activities you can visit the website