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Reach a global audience with professional website translation services

As the number of website users and buyers continues to climb, it presents opportunities for companies to expand their digital presence across borders. Consequently, the success of your global expansion is limited only by your target audience’s ability to understand and engage with your website fully. This is where professional website translation services come in.

If you need your website to be translated for a new market, our specialist linguists are on hand. Website translation goes beyond translating basic meaning. Our expert linguists will ensure your web content accurately represents the correct tone, form of address and terminology for your audience.

Website localisation

Localising your content for different markets enables you to improve global brand awareness, widen your audience reach and ultimately increase your bottom line. It is therefore an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Utilising local references, examples, idioms and colloquialisms, our highly experienced team will work with you to ensure every word is culturally appropriate, linguistically sound and appealing.

By creating localised website content for your target audience, you can expand your business reach in specific countries or regions. When it comes to marketing strategies, website translation is simply a non-negotiable element for global companies. Our team of expert translators work to translate webpage content that reflects local references, examples, idioms and colloquialisms. By doing this, your business can strike a chord with your target market.

Janka Labajova, Linguist

Why translate your website?

Think of your website as a virtual shop window. If customers like what they see on display and feel a connection, then they will probably pop in and make a purchase.

Translating your website plays an important role when developing your brand’s international growth. By communicating in your audience’s native tongue, you can ensure your brand, message and materials resonate with them. This results in increased conversion rates. Research suggests that approximately 76% of people would be more inclined to make a purchase if visiting a site written in their mother tongue.

What are the benefits of translating your website?

There are countless benefits to translating your website with the help of The Language Factory. Primarily, your site acts as a shop window for your business. If a potential customer likes what they see and feel it resonates with them, they will click to read on. If the customer struggles to understand the content, they are likely to simply leave the site. The translation of your website is a key factor in international growth and identifying new target markets. Providing content in your audience’s native language means that you have complete control over how your message and the tone of your brand is received by potential customers in other countries. Not only will this increase your brand’s legitimacy, but it can also improve conversion rates and profits overall.

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Tips for preparing your content for translation

Why choose our website translation service?

Our team of expert linguists are on hand to help

Our team is made up of specialists and expert mother-tongue linguists with experience in a variety of languages to help fulfil your every need. No matter what your business sector, we will find the perfect translator who is experienced in your business needs and requirements.

A bespoke service with our Project Managers

Each client looking to utilise our website translation services will be assigned an experienced Project Manager to help meet all of their needs and expectations. They take every opportunity to listen to your brief and offer guidance to achieve the best results possible.

Specialist linguists

Our best-in-class translators harness their years of experience and sector specialism to:

  • Recommend local colloquialisms and references to give your website added impact

  • Highlight any potential cultural issues

  • Translate to a “push live” standard within short deadlines

  • Ensure language, grammar and punctuation is flawless as a standard

Website translation
Janka Labajova, Linguist

Market-leading project management

Our experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers will always:

  • Select the right mother-tongue linguist for your project based on their subject and sector expertise

  • Brief your linguist to deliver accurate, authentic and impactful website content to deadline

  • Look for the best and most cost-effective solution for your marketing translation needs

  • Provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service – whether your project is one brochure or a full website

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