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We have many proven procedures in place to ensure your projects are completed efficiently. In addition to our proprietary processes we work to two ISO standards that are relevant to your translation projects.

ISO 17100

We are proud to offer an ISO 17100-certified translation and revision service. The gold standard in translation quality, this standard means you benefit from additional reassurances in terms of quality for projects that require it. Our certified service rubber stamps our long-term commitment to supplying quality translations to all industries.

For an ISO-certified project, in addition to translation by a professional translator, we will also include a separate proofreading (full review) by a second, equally-qualified linguist. The final quality checks provided by our in-house Project Managers will ensure your surveys will be fielded error-free and on time.

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ISO 20252:2019 (E)

ISO 20252:2019 (E) is the latest market research quality standard that stipulates best practice when working with translation. All of our market research translation projects conform to this standard. We also have a long history of going above and beyond these requirements, as:

      • All of our translators are mother-tongue linguists with experience of working on market research projects

      • All translations are checked in-house by those with source or target language competence

      • We encourage feedback from our clients on every project

 Trusted translation partner of global brands from a broad range of sectors, including:

Market research & insights

Marketing, PR & advertising

HR & employee development

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