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A good transcription is the key to providing an accurate written account of what someone is saying. This becomes imperative when trying to capture crucial information from an audio medical consultation or recorded police interview.

Choose The Language Factory’s transcription service to receive clear and unambiguous documentation of your recordings, in either the original language or directly in English via our audio translation service. Whether you require a written record of a medical consultation, business meeting or other face-to-face interaction, our skilled linguists will draw on their expertise in your sector to produce exact renderings of your audio recordings.

Specialist linguists

For nearly 3 decades, we have been offering a multilingual transcription service, providing high quality transcripts, produced by expert mother-tongue linguists. Collectively they will:

  • Convey the meaning, tone and sentiment of the recording

  • Clean up or remove unfinished sentences where appropriate

  • Provide timestamps making it easier for you to identify essential information

  • Deliver your transcript in a format of your choice

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Donaji Edwins

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Hand-pick the right transcriptionist based their experience of your industry

  • Ensure the transcriptionist is proficient in your chosen file format

  • Harness their transcription services expertise

  • Deliver a flawless transcript and a seamless end-to-end service

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