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Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical market research translation yields results that may impact us all. Translating fieldwork and its findings expands the efficacy and reach of this important work, making better products available in more markets and increasing ROI for innovative companies. When the stakes are so high, choosing the right medical market research translations partner is critical.

Our highly-skilled specialist linguists will work with you to ensure your research and reports are translated with accuracy, efficiency and authenticity, enabling you to engage with and understand respondents around the world.

ISO-certified translation

Validation is almost as important in translation as it is in science, which is why many of our medical market research translations clients opt for our ISO-certified translation and revision service. A gold standard in translation quality, your project will be translated by a professional translator, proofread by a second, equally-qualified linguist and quality checked by our in-house Project Managers.


Specialist linguists for medical market research translation and more

All our linguists have a minimum of 5 years’ relevant specialist experience, in this instance in medical market research translations. Collectively they are:

  • Native speakers of over 140 languages

  • Familiar with industry terms

  • Able to judge the correct tone, form of address and terminology based on extensive experience

  • Experienced in highlighting any potential cultural issues

Market-leading project management

Our smooth and straightforward end-to-end translation service gets your research and findings to market faster because we:

Project Manager, Caroline

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