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The National Health Service (NHS) provides world-leading healthcare, and a fundamental part of its role is to educate, engage and communicate with the people of the UK, regardless of the language they speak. Making sure the wealth of information it generates can be understood is essential to patient care, health and wellbeing, The Language Factory’s NHS translation service is here to assist.

At The Language Factory, we’re incredibly proud to help you ensure accessibility for each and every patient. Our expert mother-tongue linguists and Project Managers deliver a wide range of language translation services to Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Trusts. They use their experience in your sector to ensure patient communications are translated accurately, enabling you to engage with and educate patients.

In addition, over the past year, we have been proud to prioritise our NHS projects, ensuring accurate translations are available as soon as possible for the people who need it most.

“The Language Factory provide fantastic translation services. They are incredibly quick and their staff really take care to understand the brief and add value wherever they can. As well as straightforward translations they also layout text in our design files so we can be sure that languages which read right to left are properly laid out.”

Ruth Edwards
Communications Business Partner
Manchester Health and Care Commissioning

How can we help with NHS translation?

The TLF team is able to translate a broad range of health and healthcare-related resources including:

  • Advice on health conditions, symptoms, healthy living, medicines and vaccination programmes

  • Communications such as emails, letters and referral notes

  • Forms and documentation

  • Leaflets and information packs

  • Patient surveys and responses

  • Posters and signage

  • Website copy

How can we help
Specialist linguists (1)

Specialist linguists

All our linguists have a minimum of 5 years’ relevant specialist experience in healthcare translation. Collectively they:

  • Are familiar with industry terms and the NHS

  • Can deliver translated, patient-ready materials

  • Deliver quality translations within short deadlines

  • Support you in engaging and educating your intended audience

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Quickly understand your translation requirements

  • Select the right mother-tongue linguist based on their subject matter specialty

  • Harness their healthcare translation services expertise for a fast turnaround

  • Deliver a flawless translation and a seamless end-to-end service

  • .
Project Manager, Caroline

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