In the modern business world, most of us spend a lot of time at a keyboard. Yet, despite the many hours of typing practice we get, the most worn-out key is usually back-space. Auto-correct is a useful ally of course, but is not infallible and we all make the odd tie pin miss take.* [*It’s OK, we know it’s here. Ed.]

There’s no harm then in getting a second opinion. At The Language Factory we have over 25 years’ of proofreading experience.

We provide clients with the peace of mind that their typing is unblemished and their grammar is up to scratch. So when you click PRINT, SEND or PUBLISH, your communication looks like it was written by a local.

We offer two levels of proofreading service. Each is carried out by a professional linguist, hand-picked from our global translator network, for their expertise and familiarity with your business sector.


Single source proofreading

We read through your translated text as your target audience or customers would. Technical corrections are made for grammar, spelling and correct use of tenses, proper names and punctuation. 


Bi-lingual proofreading

A deeper examination comparing source text with translated text. In addition to highlighting any technical issues, we comment on readability and suitability for your target audience. This includes making reference to language localisation (by region or culture) and interpretation of business-speak and/or industry jargon.  

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Why use The Language Factory for your proofreading  

Depth and breadth: reliable proofreading in over 140 languages for a vast number of business sectors.

Attention to detail: expert translators with relevant industry experience highlight every grammatical nip ‘n’ tuck your text may need to be publish-perfect.

Single-step reassurance: double-checking the veracity of your translation with us provides assurance that your final, signed-off text conveys the message you intended, in the way you intended.

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