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Top tips for translation for marketing agencies

By Katie Reed | February 19, 2024 | Blog Translation Tips


Recent research shows that 70% of online consumers will only engage with marketing content in their native language, with 75% more likely to buy a product or service when information is also provided in their native language.* The question for marketing agencies is how to communicate with this international audience whilst ensuring your messaging remains accurate, authentic & culturally sensitive? That’s why including translation as part of your marketing strategy can be crucial.

With this in mind, the TLF  team has put together our top tips for translation for marketing agencies to support their clients and expand their agency’s global reach.


Include translation from the start

It’s important to discuss translation as part of your initial marketing strategy, looking at the your campaign objectives, target audience, and overall brand approach. This will ensure you have brand consistency across all marketing content and you can maintain your client’s brand voice.


Provide detailed translation briefs

A comprehensive brief gives your translator the guidelines to work within and helps them to understand the context of the translation. That way they are able to convey the intended message accurately and within the relevant cultural norms. It can often include information about the target audience, client’s brand guidelines, and the desired emotional impact of the campaign.


Educate your clients

As part of your marketing strategy it’s key to advise your clients on the importance of using expert human translation and the value that it can add to their campaigns. This in turn helps your clients to understand why they should in accurate, high-quality translation, and how it can help to ensure the success of their international campaigns.

By providing this specialist translation service as part of your marketing agency offering, it can contribute not only to your client’s success but also your agency’s opportunity to gain new business.



Partner with a translation expert

Experienced mother-tongue translators understand the context of your translation, including local idioms, cultural nuances and regional language variations, which is central to your message being conveyed accurately. Their specialist industry knowledge will ensure your translation is relatable across languages and can reach a wider, diverse audience, through keeping abreast of cultural trends, events, and sensitivities in the target markets. This in turn makes sure the translated content remains relevant and avoids unintentional cultural missteps.

A professional translation service will also have an effective quality assurance process, including proofreading and editing by another experienced linguist, which ensures that the final translation is accurate and error-free.



Work with a leading translation agency

At TLF our team of professional native linguists, supported by experienced Project Managers will ensure your client campaigns are accurate, brand sensitive and culturally authentic. They understand how crucial it is to convey the right meaning to the intended audience, no matter where they are.

We can take the stress out of choosing a translation provider for your clients and help you to build your reputation as a full-service marketing agency. We have a collaborative approach and work with you to get the translations in the “voice” of your client and are happy to liaise directly with your client to streamline the project and ensure a successful outcome.

Contact the TLF team to discuss how we can help with your next marketing agency translation project.

*CSA Research

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