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In 2022, the world’s population is close to eight billion people – and of those, about four and a half billion don’t speak any English. Of the one and a half billion who do, the vast majority only speak English as a second language with only limited command.

If you’re a marketing agency, you already know that it’s crucial to develop marketing materials in multiple languages to gain traction in global markets. No matter where your potential clients are based, they expect quality marketing and “good enough” doesn’t cut it – translations need to be accurate to maintain brand credibility and a professional reputation. That’s where quality translation services for marketing agencies come in.

An established track record

The Language Factory is one of the most experienced translation services in the UK. We work in over 140 languages, ranging from European languages like French and German to large non-European languages like Arabic and Vietnamese, to even lesser-used regional languages from around the globe. With such a wide scope of languages catered for, at The Language Factory, we will undoubtedly be able to provide translation services for marketing agencies operating in almost any region.

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A reputation for quality

It’s not merely about the ability to translate mechanically – it’s also about the quality of the translation. The Language Factory provides a human-led service, employing a team of fluent mother-tongue linguists to ensure that your marketing materials are not just translated accurately, but also with authenticity for your target market.


In marketing, just as in other areas of translation, precision matters. You’re selling a very specific product or service, with  particular merits that you want to convey to customers. You’re spending a lot of time perfecting the English-language copy for that product or service, so why risk losing all that precision by compromising on the translation process? Choosing The Language Factory will guarantee your marketing agency a premium level translation service, but at a very reasonable cost.

The services we offer

At The Language Factory, we offer a wide range of translation services for marketing agencies, including:

  • Copy translation: Where you’ve prepared carefully crafted copy, at The Language Factory, our human translators will provide nuanced and idiomatic translations to the timeframe of your choosing. Our market-leading project management team will ensure that you’re kept in the loop throughout the translation process and maintain quality control of the final product.
  • Proofing: If you’ve prepared some foreign-language copy but would like a professional eye to review it before it goes live, our team at The Language Factory can arrange this.
  • English editing: If you have materials in English prepared by non-native speakers, our team at The Language Factory would be happy to review and edit your copy to help make it flow naturally for an English reader.
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What are the benefits of using The Language Factory for marketing translations?

With so many translation options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. At The Language Factory, we differentiate ourselves in several ways, particularly for marketing agencies looking to use translation services.

We put quality front and centre of everything we do

We never rely on machine translations and we always translate with an eye to what sounds natural and clear to a native speaker of the language we’re working in. Clients across the marketing space and beyond have given us rave reviews and we take pride in the individualised and sector-specific approach we take.

We’re a time-efficient translation service

We understand the importance of timings in the marketing industry. Whether you need to get your new French website live or have marketing materials to share with prospective clients in China, we use our experience and well-honed, proprietary processes to turn around your projects in the best timeframes.

If you’re interested in how we can work with you to get your marketing campaign in front of millions across the globe, get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be glad to discuss our translation services for marketing agencies with you and provide a quote.

Use our Contact us form for more information. Email general enquiries or call on +44 (0) 1727 862 722.

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