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Focus group précis & translation.

Made simple.
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Focus group précis & translation.

Made simple.

Focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) reveal a wealth of information about respondents’ thoughts and opinions. These forums enable you to ask detailed questions about what participants feel, why they feel it, and what could change or influence their perceptions – fascinating and valuable stuff!

Three decades of partnership with the market research industry has taught us that sometimes our clients need detailed audio translation of a focus group’s conversation. In other cases a summary of the key points is sufficient, which is why we offer our focus group précis service.

Specialist linguists

Our global network of expert translators are:

  • Familiar with the colloquial language and idioms of your target market

  • Experts in the language and terms of a broad range of industries

  • Experienced in summarising focus group content accurately and efficiently 

  • Skilled in understanding and conveying participants’ meaning, tone and sentiment

Market-leading project management

Your dedicated and experienced Project Manager will partner with you to:

  • Quickly understand the objectives and requirements of your focus group sessions

  • Select the right mother-tongue linguist for your project based on their subject matter specialty

  • Harness their market research translation expertise to expedite the project

  • Provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service


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