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When issues within a survey reveal themselves post-launch the costs can be high, making online quality checking (online QC) a critical step in your pre-fielding process.

Our team will quality check your translated survey, ensuring it displays correctly, making linguistic edits and enhancements, and validating survey logic, routing, programming instructions, piping and inserts. Our experts will also ensure your desired respondents are not screened out and, if they are, which end page they see. This service is particularly popular in non-Latin alphabets and character languages, such as Arabic and Chinese. We offer various levels of checks, either with the translator who worked on the survey, or with a second proofreader if a second opinion is required.

Specialist linguists

Our community of best-in-class market research translators are:

  • Experts in survey quality control having collectively undertaken thousands of online QC projects

  • Able to understand your objectives and ensure your survey performs optimally 

  • Highly detail-orientated and able to quickly identify potential issues and irregularities

  • Experienced in highlighting any potential cultural issues

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Gaelle Notermans-Javaloyes

Market-leading project management

Our smooth and straightforward end-to-end service gets your fieldwork to market faster by:

  • Leveraging our expertise in all major survey exports to rapidly prepare your files for translation

  • Selecting the right mother-tongue linguist for your project based on their subject matter specialty

  • Harnessing their market research translation expertise to ensure efficiency at every stage

  • Providing you with proofreading services to further guarantee the quality of your project/survey as needed

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