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Any international business will tell you that consistency of approach is vital to the success. Colleagues across all geographies need to understand company values, expectations and culture regardless of which language they speak. To achieve this employees, whether site-based, travelling or working from home need a clear and defined set of policies.

In Spain or Singapore, the UK or the Ukraine, culturally-sensitive policy translation is a must to ensure the same message is shared and understood across the globe. By communicating with international colleagues in their own language, they will be able to better follow company-wide policies and work to the same standards, all the while feeling engaged in the company and its goals.


How we can help

At The Language Factory, a company with global reach, we understand the challenges of communicating with different nationalities and cultures. We can help alleviate the stresses of cross-border employment by providing best-in-class policy translation. Our hand-picked mother-tongue translators are selected not only for their linguistic skill, but their expertise in the lexicon of your particular industry.  We are trusted by many multi-national businesses to provide policy translation services including:

  • Working from home policy translation
  • Development resource translation
  • On-boarding materials translation
  • Remote working policy translation
  • Employee training translation
  • On-boarding and off-boarding translation

Contact us today to find out how we can help in the ever-changing environment of employee engagement and provide a remote working policy translation to fit your business needs.


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