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The human touch is key to expert Project Management 

By Katie Reed | November 9, 2023 | Blog Market Research Sectors Services - Translation


Effective management is key to every project’s success, whether you’re looking to conduct authentic market research, ensure employee engagement, craft quality marketing content or communicate with medical patients. 

Where projects have a multi-national focus, the value of talented and experienced Project Managers is exponential. We see this every day as our award-nominated Project Management team harness their expertise and efficiency to ensure our clients’ projects are seamlessly delivered. 

In this blog we explain why talented human Project Managers are critical to providing you with best-in-class translations and how to identify when your projects are in good hands.


Managing the process

An experienced Project Manager will provide peace of mind using their experience and specialist knowledge to ensure each translation project runs smoothly from start to finish. 

This includes creating bespoke quotes, choosing the most appropriate linguists, handling queries from the project team and using their expert judgement to identify where clarification from the end-client is needed. The Project Manager will also oversee all workstreams to ensure deadlines are met. 

We liken great Project Managers to swans, paddling fast under the surface to ensure that the project glides to a successful conclusion. 


How to identify translation project management excellence

An outstanding Project Manager amalgamates each client’s needs, expectations and concerns to provide top-quality translations.

Their work includes fostering internal communication, being aware of and upholding industry standards and utilising their sector experience to overcome common challenges. Their exceptional focus on detail, coupled with rigorous quality assurance and control measures, ensures a swift and efficient translation process.

In the translation sector it is best to seek out agencies which use human translators who are held to very high standards, including ISO certification for their translation and revision services. This is an internationally recognised standard which covers all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality and delivery of services, including processes, translator qualifications and proofreading by a second, equally-qualified linguist.


Integrate into the process

Including the human touch in your project management processes will enable your business to create a customer-centric approach that focuses on not only delivering your services, but also exceeding your customers’ expectations. This in turn can lead to increased client loyalty, improved brand reputation and sustainable long-term business success.


What makes our Project Management team special?

TLF’s Project Managers provide a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service to complete your project on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard. All of the team:

  • Are language experts who can advise on any linguistic issues and pick up on anomalies that the client may not have noticed
  • Have all of the tools needed to manage large and complex projects from start to finish, including quoting, liaising with linguists and handling client feedback
  • Manage deadlines taking into account project size, linguist availability and quality assurance procedures
  • Get consistent results every time, by following industry best practices and quality checking all the translators’ work before returning it to the client
  • Support clients at every stage of the translation process


Don’t just take our word for it

The TLF Project Management team has been recognised recently by both the translation and market research industries. The team were finalists and highly commended at the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) 2023 awards in the Project Management Team of the Year category. Additionally the team were finalists for Support Services Company in the Market Research Society’s Oppies Awards. We are also long-standing members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and we abide by the strict codes of conduct of all these organisations, demonstrating our commitment to best practice for the benefit of our clients.

Talk to the TLF  about how our expert team can get the best out of your translation projects.

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