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Recent research shows that there are nearly 5.5 billion internet users across the globe, meaning 66% of the world’s population is online. The question for marketing professionals is how to ensure your content remains seen, understood and engaging amongst this growing global audience? The answer? Professional translation services.

Including translation in your marketing strategy is key. Utilising expert human translators will ensure your marketing content resonates with your international audiences, empowering you to communicate with them in their native language and in a relevant, culturally authentic way. 

In this blog we discuss the value of using high-quality marketing translation in your marketing strategy. Helping you reach a wider global audience, enhance brand visibility, and drive engagement across different languages and cultures.   


Why it’s important to get it right first time

Accurate translations are essential to ensuring your marketing messages resonate with your target audiences in different linguistic and cultural contexts. An experienced human translator will convey specific words and capture each language’s nuances and idioms to ensure effective marketing communication. They can help avoid any misunderstandings and build trust in your brand through their commitment to high-quality translations.

Accuracy may also be part of ensuring legal compliance, particularly if you are marketing in a regulated industry such as financial services.


The importance of speaking your audience’s language

While English may be the dominant language for online communication, it has been in decline since 1998 and is being challenged by the rise of other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. This shows the importance of developing multilingual marketing strategies, a key part of which is efficient global marketing translation.  

Developing multilingual marketing strategies is more than simply changing the language of your marketing content, it also includes cultural adaptation. By understanding cultural nuances, preferences and taboos, you can significantly impact the perception of your brand across regions and avoid any cultural missteps.

This is where human translation services come into their own. Accurately translated, culturally adapted content that resonates with local audiences can help build brand trust and credibility.  Helping you develop a deeper connection with your target audience.


Quality is crucial

Focusing on quality marketing translations from the outset can ensure the whole translation process becomes more time and cost efficient. Getting the translation right the first time will help ensure your brand voice is clear across languages.

Specialist marketing translators have a detailed understanding of the context, tone, intent and audience for the final text, and can keep all translations true to the original text. This is part of a strict adherence to high standards and best practice, such as internationally-recognised ISO 17100-certification, considered the gold standard in translation and revision quality.


How can translation services drive business growth? 

Research shows Asia is home to the largest number of online users, with nearly 3 billion at the last count. Alongside Africa, which has 570 million users, these two continents are the top emerging online markets. Not only that, but Africa is yet to reach its full digital potential.

Professional marketing translation can play an important role in supporting businesses looking to capitalise on emerging markets, helping expand their global reach. Communicating directly with your audience in their mother-tongue demonstrates respect for your target market’s culture and values. This helps foster a positive perception of your brand, which in turn can increase engagement and drive business growth.

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Work with a professional marketing translation agency

TLF has over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality translations that align with clients’ global marketing objectives. By partnering with such a reputable translation agency, you can be confident that your business can effectively navigate linguistic and cultural barriers and unlock new opportunities in international markets.

Our team of experienced mother-tongue linguists and specialist Project Managers ensure that every marketing translation accurately reflects the client’s brand while remaining relevant for their target audience.

Talk to the TLF team to find out how we can help you with your next marketing translation project.

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