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Our specialist translation sectors 

The Language Factory is a UK-based translation agency with over 25 years’ experience providing market leading translation solutions for international business. Our global network of qualified, native-speaking translators help businesses stretch out across borders to engage, understand and communicate with people across the world. 

What makes us special?

A good translation doesn’t feel like a translation. It feels natural, in keeping with the audience’s day-to-day language and above all, human.

Because we use 100% human expertise, with just the right amount of technical know-how, you can be assured that whatever your language requirements, your translation will be accurate, authentic, localised and read just as if it were written in that language in the first place.  

We provide in high quality translation solutions for:    

Market research

Content marketing

Preparing for marketing translation 5 top tips

Corporate communications and PR

Travel and tourism

HR and employee development

Why choose the Language Factory for your translations


In addition to language expertise, we add one more ingredient, exceptional client service. At The Language Factory your project will be processed using a bespoke service protocol we call Delivery+. It’s our standard service and everyone receives it. The + comes from it being simply a cut above the rest.

Your project will translated by a professional linguist, hand-picked for their expertise in your industry. Their human skill is combined with just the right amount of technical know-how to produce the perfect translation. All is governed by your qualified linguist project manager. Together they provide a seamless end-to-end service to deliver you a precise translation.   


Our customer service

We specialise in providing business translation services of the highest quality, in the most straightforward manner. We are all about top-notch translations, made simple.