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Forward-thinking marketers recognise how communications planning continually evolves. Campaign reviews are as likely to include social media sentiment analysis and review-site monitoring, as they are reach and frequency data and awareness tracking.

However, as the number of channels through which your brand message travels increase, that message may become more difficult to control.

One way of controlling your brand narrative is to produce it yourself – by providing your audiences with relevant and useful content, which helps them succeed, wherever they are. It’s called Content marketing.

The Language Factory is a specialist marketing translation agency with 25 years’ experience helping clients migrate their content marketing strategy across languages and cultures, and reach new audiences.     


Why choose us for your content marketing translation

If producing customer content is at the core of your marketing strategy, then we will make it travel, well.

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Content is king


If content is king, then more than ever, what you say beyond above-the-line is a driver to establishing your brand reputation. And of course, your content changes – regularly.

Content marketing analysis, reverse IP tracking and lead nurturing software are all designed to help optimise your content marketing strategy. This means you need more content, produced more often and adjusted more regularly.     

However, taking content marketing across languages requires more than straight-forward word-for-word conversion.

That’s why we use only 100% human translators, with at least five years’ experience translating content marketing in your industry.

In their hands, your carefully crafted source text remains just as absorbing and persuasive in your target languages. Your global brand voice and style are maintained, while the details are appropriately localised to suit your international audience.

We ensure your investment in content yields dividends globally.


Our content marketing translation solutions

We provide translation solutions for consumer and business marketers across the world including:

Documents and publications

Brand magazines in print and online, white papers, research reports, press releases and trade-media contributions.


Print and radio advertising, websites and social media posts.

Marketing collateral

Brochures, leaflets, direct mail, e-mail marketing, catalogues, event and trade show materials and presentations.

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