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Mexican Spanish translation

By Hilary Picken | February 26, 2019 | Languages

Mexican Spanish translation

Just as there are many differences between American and UK English, the same is true for Spanish. Mexican Spanish often differs from European Spanish and there are noticeable differences in pronunciation, elements of grammar and some vocabulary, particularly when using slang words or colloquialisms.

We work with native speakers to provide accurate English-to-Mexican Spanish translation. This way we can ensure that your project is being handled by someone who understands the relevant linguistic nuances.

English to Mexican Spanish: the finer details

  • The social hierarchies in Spain and Mexico are very different and the formal modes of address you would use in Mexican Spanish are much stricter.
  • The vosotros form of ‘you’ is completely absent in New World Spanish. When conjugating a verb, Mexican Spanish speakers use ustedes.
  • Where the core grammar and language are the same, much like with American and UK English, there are idioms and slang exclusive to Mexican Spanish. For example, in a productivity meeting you might hear andar papaloteando, which means ‘to wander like a kite’. Someone from Spain would be unlikely to use or understand the expression, but in Mexican Spanish, it means ‘to be distracted.’
  • When translating into Mexican Spanish, modern terminology needs careful treatment. This is particularly true for technology, where European Spanish and Mexican Spanish might differ. For instance, a computer is an ordenador in Spain but a computadora in Mexican Spanish.