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American Spanish translation

By Hilary Picken | February 28, 2019 | Languages

America Spanish translation

Second only to English, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in America. Census data indicates there are over 40 million speakers in the US today. The Spanish-speaking demographic shows exponential growth, meaning this number will continue to rise. Accurate American Spanish Translation is even more important than ever before.

Studies have shown that it’s vital to engage audiences in their native language. Most customers prefer using services with materials written in their own language. (Harvard Business Review). Engaging with American Spanish speakers in their language makes your business more appealing and could help your project’s success.

By working with mother-tongue translators, we provide professional American Spanish translations. Native speakers understand the nuances of this variant of Spanish compared with others.


The nuances of American Spanish translation

The difference between the Spanish spoken in the US and elsewhere is a dialectical one. While the languages may seem the same, there are subtle differences.

Anglicisms are more common in American-spoken Spanish. For instance, an American Spanish speaker is more likely to use troca for the word truck. A European Spanish speaker would more likely use camión.

There are grammatical differences, slang and industry-specific terminology between European and American Spanish. This might confuse an American Spanish speaker if not conveyed correctly.


The Language Factory American Spanish translation

We’re committed to providing the most accurate translation and proofreading services to your business. Our focus on quality, enhanced by using mother-tongue translators, has kept us as industry leaders for over 25 years.