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4 reasons why HR translation is important

By Tarli Cameron | June 16, 2021 | Translation Tips

4 reasons why HR translation is important

Accurate communication is an essential requirement for any HR department and when you need to convey messages across multiple regions and cultures, HR translation services are a must.

From making your workforce feel connected and unified to increasing overall productivity and morale, let’s delve into the reasons you should consider HR translation for your business.


1. Attract top talent

Employees are the backbone of any organisation, making in-house resourcing a huge part of the HR function. Global organisations may recruit on the basis that English is spoken fluently in other markets, which isn’t always true and can mean the talent pool is made much smaller. In fact, in BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia and China and Latin American giant Argentina, fewer than 10% of the population speak English. Assuming that a one-size-fits-all approach can be adopted for these significant emerging markets may not be the safest bet.

It’s well documented that people interact better with content produced in their mother tongue, so communicating with employees in their own language takes on new significance. If you’re looking to expand your business across multiple regions, hiring a translation agency with linguists who are experts in the nuances of your target language and the source language is a wise move. Not only will it provide you with a wider pool of potential employees, but you can be sure they will be receiving the same quality and consistent messaging wherever they are in the world.


2. Improve your productivity

After you’ve hired some top talent, you’ll want to successfully onboard them with a comprehensive induction into the company, which will engage your new recruits and help them to hit the ground running.

Once again, the importance of communicating in the mother tongue of your employees comes into play. Translating your induction materials not only guarantees a consistent approach across the organisation but it also ensures the highest level of understanding among employees. This allows your global employees to buy into the company culture and to work more productively.


3. Increase employee retention

Recruiting and training employees comes at a price, which is why retaining good employees is key to the success of any business. Whilst there will always be circumstances that lead to employees seeking a change in role, can you afford to lose your best employees simply because they didn’t understand the opportunities and training materials presented to them?

It’s widely acknowledged that one of the best ways to increase your employee retention is to give all employees learning and development resources to help them progress and develop. Engaging specialist linguists to take care of the translation process will render your materials in a language or languages best suited to your employees, present and future. Not only that, but they will take any pain out of the process, providing a smooth transition from source materials to translated ones. Through doing this you will have a fulfilled and motivated workforce, resulting in reduced staff turnover and higher retention.


4. Enhance global brand reputation using accurate HR translation

As we’ve touched upon above, translating your HR materials, from brand promotion and communication to training and development, will help your employees across the globe to engage, develop and stay. The by-product of this is that over time, you will enhance your reputation as a top global employer. You will gain a reputation as an organisation that champions employee investment, development and inclusivity, which will ultimately make you even more desirable to future employees and investors alike.


We can help with HR translation

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