Open end coding

Asking open-ended questions pulls in a wealth of illuminating information which adds colour to your feedback and brings your insights to life. That is, once someone has made sense of the answers.

Opening a file of open-end answers can feel like respondents have taken your well-structured survey, turned it upside down and shaken the contents all over your desk. Argh! And now, you have to sort it all into neat piles. 

This is where our professional open-ended coding service comes into its own: a service which takes verbatim responses AND sorts them into meaningful ‘piles’.  

How open-end coding works

Answers to closed questions are easily analysed. In open-ended questions however, the unbiased customer voice is harder to quantify. Coding open questions allows large chunks of verbatim text or different qualitative ideas to be quantified and analysed.

Using a code frame, whether supplied by our clients or created by our expert linguists, question responses are grouped into words, phrases, ideas and concepts, enabling them to be analysed alongside any quantitative results.

Why use The Language Factory for your open-end coding?

At The Language Factory our translation services are predominantly aimed at the market research and consumer insight sector. We have over 25 years’ of learnings and process experience which we use to deliver high-quality, speedy open-ended coding solutions.

We use the same high calibre of professional translators for verbatims as we do for all our survey translations. Each fully understands the subtleties of the source language and is able to identify and convey the real meaning of your open responses, resulting in the most relevant and meaningful results for your research.


Our additional open ended coding services 

As well as open-ends from online, offline and phone surveys, we also offer verbatim coding for audio/video recordings, social media content and responses from customer feedback systems.

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