Adverse effects reporting

Adverse effects reporting

When translating medical and pharmaceutical research surveys, it is important your Language Service Provider (LSP) can correctly handle adverse reporting. A regulatory requirement, robust procedures must be in place to handle the reporting of suspected adverse events caused by a medicinal product or substance.

Often the first to read or otherwise handle events mentioned by respondents, LSP’s have a duty to report any mentions of adverse effects they discover when translating a medical study to the correct authorities and within the correct timeframe, usually within 48 hours.

Attention to detail

Whilst speed is often important, as it is for most translations, it is important not to lose any of the original meaning when translating medical research. To achieve this, highly trained, tested and specialised translators should be used. As well as taking into account local context, a medical translator must have an in-depth understanding of technical language as well as a great attention to detail.

In order to maintain the quality of the responses whilst also identifying and reporting potential adverse effects, the translators will need an exceptional attention to detail and the ability to prioritise the reporting of comments which may suggest adverse effects.

Medical Translations

If you require translations for a global medical trial we have fully qualified, specialist translators who can turn around your research material with accuracy and thoroughness. All our translators are mother-tongue speakers.  Those chosen for medical translation are also trained to report adverse effects. For more information on our medical translation services please call us on + 44 1727 862722 or email


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