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When NOT to launch an international marketing or research campaign 

By Katie Reed | February 1, 2024 | Blog Market Research Translation Tips


Your international campaign assets are finally ready and they’re looking great! Hours have been spent crafting and translating marketing copy, building digital marketing campaigns, designing market research surveys and much more. It’s go time!

But, there’s just one final piece of the jigsaw: what is the best date to launch? This may seem simple, but with numerous national holidays, cultural days and religious festivals across the world, it can be more complicated than you may think.

In this blog we highlight a few elements to take into consideration when launching your marketing or research campaign.

  1. Business disruption: if you’re working with external partners, for example for events or product launches, knowing when holiday periods are is crucial to maximising response rates. Also ensuring you have the right staff available to oversee the campaign, make tweaks to improve performance and immediately respond to any enquiries from your target audience, is fundamental to success.
  2. Cultural sensitivities: be mindful of how the content of your campaign might be viewed if launched during a specific holiday or festival. This is especially pertinent for religious festivals, when it’s important to be consistent with the spirit of the holiday. In general it is key to consider the diversity of your target audience to ensure you don’t offend any group and adversely affect your campaign.
  3. Engagement levels: to maximise engagement with your campaign, make sure you are not interrupting your audience on their way to and from, or during, their celebrations. By reaching out to them when they’re expecting it, there is less likely to be competing noise from the holiday or festival, in turn making all your hard work worthwhile.


Let TLF support you

And this is where the experienced team at TLF can help. We have put together a comprehensive calendar of national and regional holidays throughout 2024 in a  range of countries across Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. Easy to navigate, the calendar allows you to search by date, country or region to reveal what holidays there are in your chosen location. This will help to ensure the smooth running and eventual success of your marketing or market research campaign.


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