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Communicate with employees wherever they are in the world

By Katie Reed | September 6, 2023 | Blog Sectors Services - Translation


Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Attracting and investing in those employees can be key to the success of your business.

English may still be regarded as the language of business, with 1.5 billion speakers worldwide in 2022, but this is being increasingly challenged by the rise of other languages, such as Mandarin Chinese with 1.1 billion speakers.* Not only that, but many speakers of English may not be fluent, which can often lead to issues in understanding complex information. *Statista

Meet the international talent acquisition challenge.

In the increasingly competitive global recruitment landscape, businesses must ensure their employer brand and acquisition processes are optimised to attract the best international talent from multiple markets in multiple languages. No company wants to lose out on top candidates simply because they don’t understand what your business and employee experience is all about.


Investing in your workforce.

Informed employees feel included, and those in training and development programmes feel valued, which in turn increases satisfaction, engagement and employee retention.

Sounds simple? But creating impactful internal communications and engaging training programmes can be a significant HR challenge and, for international businesses, it can be further complicated by language. 

Regardless of where your company headquarters are located, to get the maximum return on investment (ROI) from employee-focused programmes, your employees need to fully understand the messages and the training modules.

Most employees want to excel in their roles and they can be, by receiving corporate communications and training in their own language. People learn, understand and retain information best if provided in their native language.  


Translation is part of the solution.

Job adverts written in the target candidates’ native language can strike the right chord, attract higher volumes of quality applicants, and bolster your brand’s reputation as a top recruiter.

Once you’ve found your ideal employee, translating contracts and onboarding materials helps them to know where they stand from day one. Induction training materials, employee handbooks and health and safety documents ensure they feel supported.


Your HR translation partner.

The TLF team has over 30 years of experience supporting HR professionals and agencies to communicate effectively with prospective and current employees worldwide. From recruiting new employees and onboarding to employee development and health and safety documentation, our expert team of mother-tongue linguists supported by specialist Project Managers can ensure that all employees feel connected and valued in their workplace.

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