When is Transcription Useful? (2/2)

In part one of our ‘useful transcription’ series we discussed the different types of audio transcription available, and how full verbatim transcripts can be useful. This post looks at the benefits of ‘intelligent’ transcripts, otherwise known as ‘summary’ transcripts.

Intelligent or Summarising Transcriptions

In the case of market research focus groups, respondents often interrupt or talk over each other, leaving sentences unfinished and thoughts not fully expressed. Hesitations and verbal tics (e.g. um, er, like, etc.) also don’t always add to the overall meaning of what is being said. In this instance your business would most likely benefit from either an ‘intelligent verbatim’ or ‘summarising verbatim’ transcription.

Intelligent verbatim ‘cleans up’ any hesitations, repetitions and filler words that an interviewee might say in normal speech. Shedding the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ leaves you with a legible and grammatically correct transcript, providing easy-to-understand data without compromising on the content or context.

Summarising verbatim presents only the salient points of the interview or discussion. This is useful for when businesses only need the facts and a summary of what has been said. Market research companies, for example, are looking at the opinions of wider groups but most likely don’t need the exact phrasing that individual participants might have used.

An intelligent verbatim transcriber needs to be able to:

  • Understand the context of the discussion at hand
  • Comprehend opinions expressed from numerous viewpoints and backgrounds
  • Condense the information in a way that doesn’t compromise on facts or opinions
  • Know when it is appropriate to paraphrase
  • Understand the goals of the research to convey what is relevant

Accurate Transcription Services

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