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As a marketing research translation service in Leeds, we understand the importance of insights. This is even more important when they are in another country and speaking another language. Accurate market research translation is vital to communicating with your audience in their mother tongue. This in turn will help you to gain valuable insights to inform your business decisions. 

A trusted partner to industry leaders and global brands, at The Language Factory, we help you improve your business’s growth. With 30 years of experience in market research translation, we have cover a range of target markets including:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • FMCG
  • Financial services
  • Retail

Having a thorough and high-quality strategy is the best step to reaching your target audience. Through a winning combination of ISO-compliant processes, project managers, technology, and linguists you can connect with your target audience, no matter the market you work in.

Why choose The Language Factory?

Translation in 140+ languages

Whatever your language requirements, our team of linguists and translators will be able to meet your market research translation needs.

Get a human, not a machine

We offer market research translation in Leeds that is human, not run by a machine, so you can be sure to get the context, culture and tone right in your content every time

Communicate with your audience, no matter their location

At TLF, we have a global team of professional linguists ready and on hand to help you convey your message and tap into what makes your audience tick.

99% customer approval rating

Our professional and expert team of linguists and Project Managers work hard to deliver work that’s excellent, with 98% of our customers also happy with the quality of translations and 99.5% of deadlines met.

Survey translation

What services do we offer?

As part of our market research translation in Leeds, we offer pre and post-fielding linguistic services.

For peace of mind when launching your survey, our pre-fielding language services provide expertly and accurately translated materials that are suited to your target audience. We provide a range of services for your international market research:  

Our written and audio post-fielding services include:  

Pre-fielding services

Survey translation

Whether you work in B2C or B2B, surveys can help accelerate growth for you and your business. The best surveys are the ones that ask the right questions, in the right way, at the right time. With our survey translation services, we realise no one project is the same; we tailor our approach to suit you. Our benefits include:

  • A certified ISO-17100-compliant translation and revision services
  • Simple translation processes with a 99% client satisfaction rating
  • Access to expert translators from a broad range of sectors (travel and tourism to employee engagement)
  • The ability to highlight any cultural issues in the survey from the start

Online QC services

Quality checking your surveys are a critical step to avoiding mistakes that are revealed post-launch. Our talented team will check your survey to ensure it displays correctly and suggest any further enhancements.

We offer checks at a variety of different levels, with the translator or a proofreader. This service is particularly popular for non-Latin character languages, including Arabic and Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, Korean and Chinese, Arabic and Chinese and Hindi and Arabic.

English editing services

For non-native English speakers, launching a project or distributing reports to a large audience can be a nerve-wracking task. But with our English editing service, we make sure your text is perfectly edited for your target market. We will also make sure your text is culturally appropriate and makes relevant localised references.

Insights, collateral and brochures
English editing

Concept translation and concept matching

To improve the impact of your communications and campaigns, clients need to know which concepts and concept elements their target market respondents prefer – a problem that concept translation and matching can help solve. Our professional team of experts can match elements of your concepts to help you advise your clients on which words and phrases resonate with each market.


Do you need your surveys to resonate with your target audience, even if they’re in a different international market? Localisation is here to help. Our marketing research translation team in Leeds will work to ensure your copy is linguistically appropriate and will yield actionable insights, whatever the target market.


Making sure your work is grammatically correct for your target audience is critical for proving the quality of your work. TLF offers the highest-quality proofreading services, to complement the creation and translation of your market research materials.

Post-fielding services

Audio translation

Our audio translation services will allow you to tap into the qualitative output of your research irrespective of the market. Our trained team of linguists have the ear and knowledge to make sure your audio content fulfils its purpose.


With TLF, you will receive clear documentation of your recordings in their original language or via our audio translation service. Whatever your needs, we have expert linguists to produce an exact rendering of your recording.

Audio translation
Language translation services

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