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Key responsibilities of a translation Project Manager

By Katie Reed | June 15, 2023 | Blog Services - Translation Translation Tips


For over 30 years, we’ve been trusted by companies across the globe to provide them with high-quality translations. That they return to us, again and again, is due in no small part to the experience and expertise of our team of amazing Project Managers. Our clients regularly praise our Project Managers for the service they provide so we thought we’d share just some of the tasks they perform and skills they possess that add value to our clients’ translation projects.

In this blog we take a brief look at the key responsibilities of a translation Project Manager and the crucial role they play in delivering high-quality translations, outstanding service and peace of mind to our clients.

    1. Quoting

A Project Manager is well-placed to create bespoke quotes for every translation project. This includes screening the text for complexities and analysing the text for issues such as duplicated copy. The aim here is to guarantee an accurate word count and offer the best possible deadline.

       2. Linguistic understanding

    The linguistic experience of a good Project Manager is vital for understanding the text and what is needed to translate it accurately. Project Managers are also often the last native speaker to review the text before translation and may pick up on anomalies that the client themselves may not have noticed.

       3.  Select appropriate translators

    An experienced Project Manager knows what is required for each project and will select the right linguists based on their language combination and industry experience. They also understand their professional strengths, ensuring the client’s preferred style can be replicated for example. Good oversight of their linguists’ workloads enable them to ensure the client’s deadline will be met.

      4.  Handle translator queries

    Once a project has been put into progress, the translator may have queries, from clarifications on the source material to client-specific terminology and the content in general. As they are viewing the text for the first time, they may also notice issues within the source text that the client may not have seen, enabling the client to make final tweaks. A good Project Manager will sift through any queries from the translator to distinguish between queries the client needs to answer and those which they are able to address, saving the client time and hassle.


      5.  Manage project timelines

    The turn-around time of a translation project is usually non-negotiable once agreed and an experienced Project Manager will safeguard this through efficient management of the many different aspects of the process. This includes receiving the original text from the client on time, handling queries effectively and selecting translators who can achieve the goals set at the beginning of the project. The Project Manager will also appreciate when time can be saved by taking advantage of different time zones or multiple translators, without of course, compromising on the quality of the translation.

      6.  Quality assurance

    The final pre-delivery remit of the experienced Project Manager is to quality check their translators’ work before returning it to the client. In addition to checking for un-translated text, incorrect formatting and layout, they will also review use of preferred terminology and ensure any source text changes have been incorporated. Industry-specific checks may also be included, for example questionnaire inserts, scales and coding in market research surveys.

      7.  Client satisfaction

    On-time delivery, high-quality translation with the least hassle possible and all delivered with great service: this is what a Project Manager strives for and ultimately should deliver. Post-delivery follow-up with the client is the final piece of the puzzle, ensuring they are completely satisfied.


    The TLF Team are here to help

    Our team of experienced Project Managers provide a high-quality and efficient service from start to finish, including:

    • Looking for the best and most cost-effective solution for your project needs
    • Leveraging our extensive network of translators to deliver your project on time.
    • Following our in-house quality processes to monitor all deliverables
    • Ensuring all language, grammar and punctuation are flawless
    • Delivering to agreed deadlines for on-time project launches

    Contact our team of expert Project Managers to discuss how we provide a seamless service for peace of mind on your next translation project.






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