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The human touch for website translation

By Katie Reed | April 12, 2023 | Blog Translation Tips

The world is a big place, even if the internet can make it feel smaller. Despite the perception that “everybody speaks English”, CSA Research recently published survey results showing that 60%* of online consumers rarely or never buy from English-only websites. Whilst the remaining 40% of a global market is nothing to be sniffed at, your business could benefit from a greater market share if your website were available in other languages. *CSA Research

Many companies rely on technology and AI, such as ChatGPT, to translate content for their websites, but when your website is so often a prospective client’s first impression of your brand, can you really trust a machine to get it right? You need to know that you are communicating authentically, accurately and convincingly with your target audience. By engaging a reputable translation agency, you can harness their expertise and the human touch for website translation, enhanced rather than replaced by technology.

Here are just a few of the ways that the human touch can help your website to be the best reflection of your brand, products, services and company.


Accuracy & quality

Accuracy and quality are key in translation. It’s true that machine translation and its “intelligent” equivalents can pull together content from a wide range of online sources, but human linguists have the knowledge and experience to ensure your website translation is accurate. Their ability to recognise and replicate the nuances of terminology, style and tone will ensure there is no miscommunication or confusion amongst your international audience.

Not only that, but expert translators and human-focused translation agencies are held to high quality standards including ISO certification for their translation and revision services. This internationally-recognised certification is considered to be the gold standard in translation quality and includes all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality and delivery of services, including processes, translator qualifications and proofreading, by a second, equally-qualified linguist.


Localisation & cultural sensitivity

What may appeal to potential clients in one country won’t necessarily resonate with those in another. While you always start with content for your website in your local market, when translating it you should consider the complexities of the “new” geography you are targeting. Having spent time creating the best content to appeal to your main market, it’s crucial to localise it to suit potential new customers, so they can see the full appeal of your product or service. This additional step and using a mother-tongue translator will ensure your translation efforts are worth the time and money.

Expert human linguists understand cultural sensitivities and nuances and will produce website translations that will resonate with people in other cultures or countries. Their specialist knowledge will help marketers to localise the language on their website and make sure all of the content is culturally sensitive and appropriate. Language is not simply words; it is hugely influenced by culture and context and your translator will adapt their translation for your industry and the location of your audience.


TLF website translation services

Humans are at the heart of every translation we do. Our global network of experienced, specialist translators ensure your website translations are accurate, culturally and locally relevant and resonate with your target audience and industry.

Our expert Project Managers, supported by market-leading technology, will deliver a seamless website translation experience in any language. You can be confident that our translations will expertly convey your company brand, improving its credibility in the global arena. We also offer an ISO 17100-certified, website translation and revision service for additional peace of mind.

Book a call with our team to find out how we can get the best out of your website translation projects.




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