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Best-in-class language translation services

If you’re looking for high-quality langauge translation services you can rely on, then you always count on us to deliver. The Language Factory was founded on humble beginnings back in 1992 and has since become the language translation agency of choice across a range of business industries, including market research, marketing, healthcare, HR, travel and much more. We have secured ultimate trust from some of the biggest industry leaders with their international brands, employee development and market research surveys. The Language Factory provides a local translation service on a global scale, tailored individually to each and every client. If you are looking for a lhigh-quality anguage translation service you can rely on every time, then you can always count on us to deliver.

What is the value of using an expert language translation service?

The written communication of a business, and the quality of that communication, is how you can gain the edge over your competitors. In today’s global marketplace, you have access to customers from different countries, backgrounds and cultures like never before, an opportunity not to be missed.

While English is the most widely spoken language with 1.5 billion speakers worldwide, it would be naive to assume that this is the sole way to communicate with global customers. By reaching out in their native language, you can help to not only extend the reach of your brand, but also the understanding of your business as a whole. To put it simply: translation is a fundamental element of a business’s global success.

It’s highly unlikely you will have members of your team with the capabilities to communicate in all the languages of your global target markets. This is where our professional language translation services come in. No matter the nature of your written content, be it online copy, advertising or employee contracts, our translators can help you meet all of your translating needs for your international business. 

Find out more about our different translation services below.


Research surveys

Surveys are key to a business’s growth and development, so when you are conducting them on a global scale it’s important your target audience fully understands each question. Our expertise in the market research industry means we completely tailor our language translation services to your business needs.

HR & employee development translation surveys

HR is a vital department of any business and it’s important that any employee documentation is communicated clearly to help your workers feel connected to their workplace. Our professional linguistic services ensure that we can help you communicate with your global employees seamlessly and effectively. 


Employee onboarding materials

If you hire employees on a global scale, it is important to ensure they are able to settle into your business with onboarding materials they fully understand. Our team of talented linguists can work to make sure your new team of employees feel at home right away with a selection of onboarding materials translated into their native tongue. 


Training documents

When employing staff abroad, you need to make sure they have all the appropriate tools available to complete their new jobs properly. For this, they require training documents they can read and understand easily. Our translation services ensure that these documents are expertly translated for the benefit of your foreign workforce.


Healthcare leaflets and information packs

The accurate translation of healthcare materials is absolutely essential to ensure a patient’s health and wellbeing. The complexity of medical documents requires experienced linguists and translators, just like our team at The Language Factory has to offer.


Patient surveys and responses

When requesting feedback from your patients, you need to ensure they fully understand the questions and responses being asked of them. The team of dedicated translators at The Language Factory makes translating patient surveys and feedback a swift and hassle-free process.


Web page content

Your online presence is essential for gaining traction and reach for your business. By accessing translation services for your web page content, you can open your brand up to an entirely new market of consumers. When looking to translate your website, our talented linguists will translate copy that your global audience can understand and engage with.



Whitepapers are a great tool for boosting a company’s overall reputation and sharing your expertise. These potentially complex documents require an experienced translator to ensure a full understanding for your global audience. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of translation services for all of your whitepaper needs.


Brochures and collateral

Brochures and collateral materials are key aspects of any client buying process. When executed efficiently, this aspect of marketing can have a big impact on sales and profits. Our translators can work to your specific needs to ensure brochures and collateral products are translated flawlessly to make sure your business message resonates with global customers.

The benefits of using our language translation services

There are countless benefits to reaching out to a language translation agency for your linguistic needs, but there are certain things that make The Language Factory unique and your go-to choice. We take our role as translators extremely seriously and always aim to provide a bespoke and knowledgeable service no matter your business field. The entire process is extremely hands-on from our end and we do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with The Language Factory:

  • Expert Project Management team with superior communication skills that keep you updated every step of the way and ensure a smooth and straightforward end-to-end service
  • A broad range of experienced and qualified translators, with diverse backgrounds, sector specialisms and linguistic skills.
  • A catalogue of experience in translating a variety of written content, including even the most niche requests, with each project completed accurately and professionally.
  • In-house quality processes to monitor all deliverables and ensure a cost-effective solution for your project needs.

When working with The Language Factory, your options are almost endless. No matter how niche your translation request is, we are committed to pairing your project with a translator that can meet your every need. Our main goal is to make your experience completely hassle-free and simple to navigate so you can focus all of your time on the growth of your business. We are certified to provide ISO 17100-compliant translation and revision services, to give you complete peace of mind when approaching us with project requests. The Language Factory also completes annual audits to ensure we are providing only the highest-quality service to our customers.

We offer a wide range of language services

The Language Factory offers a broad range of translation services to suit the needs of every customer. No matter your request, we are committed to providing a service to help. Our services include but are not limited to:

Business translation

Our business translation services span a wide variety of sectors, with none being too niche. We can offer high-quality translations in over 140 languages to help your business reach its full global potential.


We can also provide support in ensuring that your linguistic content is accurate, grammatically correct and culturally appropriate for your target audience, regardless of the language. Our expert mother-tongue translators thoroughly assess and proofread your content to provide additional reassurances as to the quality of your materials.


If you are looking for ways to make your business resonate with customers abroad, our localisation service would be the perfect option for you. Through our first-class translation abilities, we can help your business expand its global reach, tap into new markets and ultimately boost your profits.

English editing

For those whose native language isn’t English, we can also provide support so you can tap into this wide-reaching market. Working with one of our expert linguists, we can help to create content that is accurate, unambiguous and suitable for an English-speaking market, culturally appropriate, localised and contains relevant examples and references. 

Audio translation

Audio marketing can be an excellent way to extend the reach of your business, but it’s important to make sure your audience fully understands and can comprehend your content. The Language Factory goes to great lengths to ensure that your audio recordings are accurate in your chosen language.


Accurate transcriptions are fundamental to understanding what a person is saying, especially in the context of a medical report or police interview. Our services extend to transcriptions to help provide exact or summarised renderings of audio or video recordings.

We take pride in the fact that we offer services completely tailored to an individual client’s needs. This involves ongoing support, with nothing but first-rate care and accurate translation results.

What sectors does TLF work in?

From our humble beginnings back in the early 90s, The Language Factory has come a long way… Our linguistic service now reaches across a variety of sectors and business niches, including:

Market research and insights

Over three decades of partnership with the market research’s industry leaders has given us a unique insight into every step of a research project. Just as you are the experts in asking questions, so is our team, making sure that all angles are covered and the best translation for each project is achieved, giving you the important data and results you need.

Marketing, PR and advertising

Translating your marketing messaging into your customers’ language demonstrates that you value them enough to communicate in their mother tongue. Our specialist mother-tongue linguists understand the time taken to painstakingly write each piece of content and provide quality translations taking into account all the nuances of each language to ensure your message is heard whatever the language.

Travel and tourism

The travel and tourism industry revolves hugely around persuasive language and exciting imagery. When communicating with a global market, you need to make sure your travel and tourism marketing is hitting the right note with your foreign audience. Our mother-tongue linguists work tirelessly to help attract holidaymakers by creating positive customer experiences and increased return bookings with perfectly translated guides, health and safety information and satisfaction surveys. 

HR and employee development

The Language Factory can be a huge support to any global HR department, to encourage employees to feel valued and connected to their workplace and boost morale in the company overall. Our professional translators can translate a range of HR documents and help contribute toward materials for learning and employee development.


Accurate healthcare translation is essential to patient care, health and wellbeing. You need to be confident in having an expert translator who can tackle potentially complex medical documents and provide a translation to the highest standard.  At The Language Factory we understand that the complexity of medical documentation requires linguists who are well-versed in industry terms with extensive sector experience under their belts. 

Our professional translation team

Our translators form the very heart of our operations at The Language Factory. We take great care in selecting only the most experienced and qualified linguists to join our team. With each translator you can expect:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ translation experience for your specific business sector
  • A Diploma, BA or MA in translation and professional membership of a recognised translation body
  • Translating in their native tongue and a specialised business sector

Why choose The Language Factory for all of your translating needs

Choosing the right language translation agency is vital to the success of your business on a global scale. You need to have faith that your provider can give you a professional, accurate and seamless service that you trust. 

Language translation services near me

Our language translation services span across the entire UK, ensuring accessibility from London to Edinburgh, offering diverse language support nationwide. Wherever you are, whether in Manchester, Cardiff or Belfast, we cater to various languages, providing comprehensive language translation services.

Our industry recognition, accreditations and association memberships

We are proud of our long-standing association with the Market Research Society and membership of language industry bodies, ATC (Association of Translation Companies) and ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting), abiding by their strict codes of conduct and demonstrating our commitment to best practice for the benefit of our clients.

ITI 15 years membership
ATC Accredited
MRS Oppies Finalist SupportServices 0823
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What do our clients say about us?

“Amazing team there. Projects delivered right on time and the translations had a 100% level of accuracy.

June Joyce
Danebury Research

“Marcela was extremely communicative during the process and really helpful in understanding the requirements and feeding back as possible. The translators not only delivered the required material but also fed back on some thins that didn’t look right or make sense in our current system which help us improve our offering. Above and beyond!

Orion Brooks
Group Head of HR Systems & Data
Merlin Entertainments

“Janka was fast to respond, kept me up to date on deadlines and project progress, and delivered great work.

Freddie Weiss
Platform Communications

“TLF are superb to work with, their work is always of very high quality – keep up the good work!

Stefan Cox
Programme Manager

“Elena was super helpful during the entire process. She was proactive in approaching us with queries and gave us a clear deadline. She is always on top of things and a delight to work with. Thanks Elena.

Yashvi Patle
Senior Research Executive
CM Research

“Always great to work with Marcela. The client had some additional French translations they wanted to check and Marcela got back to us quickly.

Stephen Lee

“Very happy with fast response and quickness of translation.

Nigel Robson
Vortex PR

“I’m very pleased with the service and the quality received. thank you so much to all the team!”

Melisa Fernandez Ares
Project Manager

“Working with Gaelle was easy, efficient and reassuring – would highly recommend.

Hanna Garrett
PR and Marketing Manager
Conscious Communications

Our client feedback

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