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4 ways localisation can help your business

By Tarli Cameron | July 27, 2021 | Translation Tips

4 ways localisation can help your business

Standardisation or localisation? If you work in the world of marketing you’ve no doubt had to ponder this question when looking to expand internationally.

For those unfamiliar with the term, localisation is the process of adapting the messages and content for your products and services for a specific country or language. It’s a term that is becoming increasingly used, as companies realise the associated benefits of addressing their target customers correctly when trying to expand into new markets.

While it’s much easier and faster to standardise your content, is this going to help you resonate with your customers, fulfil their needs and result in more sales? Probably not if they don’t understand your proposition.

Here are 4 ways localisation can help your business:

1. Global expansion

According to Statista, only 25% of the world’s internet users speak English, meaning there’s a huge opportunity to tap into non-English-speaking markets. Localisation allows you to attract the attention of new customers with content built around a personalised experience that will guide them through the customer journey.

2. Easier market entry

While localisation can’t help you to overcome entry hurdles such foreign legal issues or policies, it can certainly help you to bypass any cultural restraints. By ensuring your words are culturally relevant and engaging, you can speed up the time it takes to enter new markets. Adopting a localised approach will also help you to connect with your customers and gain their trust, which is very important when entering a new market.

3. Increased customer satisfaction

It will come as no surprise that customers like to read content and websites that are written in their mother tongue. It makes digesting product information easier, encouraging the customer to embark on a more personal buying journey.

By localising your content, you as a business are demonstrating to your customers that you are sensitive to their customs, traditions and distinct values. This helps customers to feel more comfortable, engaged and more likely to purchase a product or service.

4. International brand presence

When you localise your content, your marketing resonates with your audience, resulting in increased brand loyalty. This has long been recognised by global giants such as Coca Cola and KFC, who have demonstrated the vital role localisation plays in increasing brand awareness. With a global view in mind, brands such as this have adapted and executed their marketing campaigns locally, increasing their brand influence across different regions.

We can help

In this global age, localisation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. By tapping into it’s power, you can expand your customer base, outperform your competitors and, most importantly, increase your bottom line.

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