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thank you

A word which many Brits love to say, this month Word geek investigates the “word” thank you. Most Brits will utter this polite phrase at least once a day. In the TLF office it is a frequent reply when someone “blesses you” for sneezing, as an expression of acknowledgment and gratitude.

Shortened from the phrase ‘I thank you’, ”thank you” has its origins in the Old English word “pancian” meaning “to give thanks”,  which dates back to about 9,000 years ago. This phrase itself derives from the proto-Germanic term “thankojan” which itself developed into the Middle German term “danken” which means “to thank”.

Saying thanks or thank you comes automatically to most British and American people and there are many equivalents in European languages. But did you know that some languages don’t have an equivalent for “thank you”? The Indian language Gujarati, for instance, doesn’t have a sole word that directly translates as “thank you” but you can show your appreciation through the tone of your voice.

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