Word Geek – Pugnacious

This month Word Geek has chosen ‘pugnacious’ as word of the month.

Pugnacious is an adjective used to describe a person who is eager or quick to argue or prepare for a fight. If you are familiar with the ‘pug’ breed of dog you may be forgiven for thinking the origins of the word pugnacious relate to the breed – as they frequently like to assert themselves around other dogs, TV adverts (especially when containing dogs or a vacuum cleaner) and even aeroplanes!

However, the word actually has Latin origins. The Latin for ‘fist’ pugnus and the word meaning ‘to fight’ pugnare were combined to create pugnax or pugnac. In the mid-17th century this was combined with English word-ending ‘cious’ to create pugnacious.

‘Pug’, perhaps surprisingly, is thought to have come from the word ‘puck’ meaning imp or sprite. An apt description for such a mischievous breed!

At The Language Factory you won’t find a pugnacious Project Manager; on the contrary, our clients find our team are unfailingly helpful and responsive. We are always on hand to offer advice and have a bank of expert knowledge between us, so feel free to get in touch if you need advice on an upcoming project: enquiries@thelanguagefactory.co.uk.


“I have been using The Language Factory for all my translation work since I first came into contact with them four years ago. As a language graduate myself I am impressed with the accuracy of their work and their ability to handle specialist and technical subject matter in a variety of languages. As a PR company we are all delighted with the prompt and professional service we receive. Work is always delivered on the day promised, questions are asked if there is a difficulty of interpretation and there is always a follow-up to check that everything has gone smoothly. A terrific service I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.”

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