What Does Translation Proofreading Involve?

When it comes to producing material in another language, proofreading your translations can give you peace of mind that your intended message is being conveyed accurately.

Whether publishing a journal, translating training materials or conducting overseas outreach – the devil is in the detail. Having a proofreader as experienced and qualified as the original translator is a must, particularly if your text is heavy in terminology or covers a complex subject.

Ensuring Accuracy Through Translation Proofreading

A good translator will know the rules and conventions of their own language compared with that of the language they’re translating from, but sometimes elements of the source can creep into the translation unnoticed. Take, for example, book titles. In American Spanish, for example, book titles are often written in lower case, unlike in the UK where most words in a book title will be capitalised. The translator may have happily seen the title Spanish Cien anos de soledad and typed it up as “One hundred years of solitude”. The proofreader, with a fresh pair of eyes, would notice and pick up the oversight, amending it to “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, following the target language conventions.

Subtle differences like this exist across all languages. It might seem small, but it’s the kind of detail that, if you can get it right, helps enforce trust and engagement with your target demographic.

It’s also the reason why The Language Factory only works with professional, mother-tongue proof-readers with just as much experience as their translators.

Translation Proofreading You Can Trust

We offer our translation services with full confidence due to the high calibre of translators we work with. All our work, from medical journals to health and safety training materials, is handled by specialist translators. These are same linguists who we turn to for proofreading and being a second pair of eyes.

To find out more about our professional proofreading services, call us on +44 1727 862 722 or email enquiries@thelanguagefactory.co.uk.


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