US Market Researchers Looking Abroad Should Come To The Language Factory First

The Big Question for American Market Research Companies

We’ve often been asked why an American market research firm would engage a translation agency based in the UK, rather than relying on a company nearer home. Our answer is simple.

The Language Factory, operating from just outside London, is ideally located to act as a gateway to Europe. Better yet, our translator policy ensures that anyone assigned to work on your documents has unbeatable levels of local and technical knowledge.

Our Unique Position

With over twenty years’ experience in the market research sector, we’ve established an unbeatable network of expert translators in your field. And each of our translators have joined us only after at least five years of experience and the completion of a degree level qualification in translation. But in addition – and more relevant to this question – each of our translators is a native speaker of the language they’re responsible for.

This means that when you come to The Language Factory to have your market research survey translated into another language, it will be handled by an expert sensitive to technical jargon, nuance, and the context both of your original phrasing and the market you want to research.

The result is that the care you take in stripping away bias from the question to achieve accurate responses for your client will be mirrored in translation, ensuring that when your target demographic are asked the questions their answers are as accurate and unbiased as you’d expect from a successful survey at home in the US.

Precision in Context

More than that, the results will then be translated back with that same attention to detail and scrupulous focus on nuance. Your translator will make sure that the context of the answers is conveyed to you in relatable terms without removing anything or adding bias of their own.

Translation service is a role we take seriously, and we believe that nobody else can offer the precision in nuance and context that we can.

A Global Outlook for a Global Business

Translation agencies operate globally as a natural feature of our business, but we’re hardly the only companies to do so. Whether your company are seasoned hands at marketing overseas or just dipping your toe into the pool for the first time as your business expands, it’s time to adjust your thinking. Look globally rather than domestically, and find the best service available to you.

In matters of translation, nuance and context have to be conveyed across linguistic and cultural boundaries. That’s why we maintain the network of professionals that we do, and that’s also why you shouldn’t see our location as a stumbling block – in fact, arguably, it’s what’s helped us develop our network; many business analysts tout London as being more important to global business than New York City. Having a trusted supplier in that time zone can be a real boon to your business.

Take advantage of our decades of experience providing translation services today; call us on +44 (0)1727 862722 or email your enquiry to