Translations for the Commercial and Finance Sector

It’s vitally important to be precise when working within the commercial and financial sectors. Particularly when dealing with annual reports, contracts, or any text that needs to stand up to legal scrutiny, everything needs to be exact.

With globalisation on the rise, accountants and financial officers might be increasingly expected to have expense reports and contracts translated into another language. Accuracy in the translation is every bit as important as accuracy in the reports and contracts themselves. A report where the numbers are correct is worth little if the surrounding text doesn’t convey the same meaning.

Accurate Translation, Guaranteed

At The Language Factory, we are aware of the issues that can arise when translating financial and legal documents. Even a seemingly small issue, such as how you punctuate a number, can be a minefield in another language. In English, for example, 2,500 would be two-thousand-five-hundred, but quite often within European nations the comma would serve the same function as a decimal point, inadvertently turning the figure into 2.50.

This is one reason why we use mother tongue translators. Growing up in the culture of the target language means that the translator will intrinsically understand nuances such as how to present figures. Our specialist translators meet our strict standards, which includes adequate education and terminological experience in the field in which they will be translating.

Using specialist mother tongue translators means that they will know the jargon that is exclusive to the world of business and know how to apply it. One such example is the French indicateur clé de performance or the German Leistungskennzahl (or Betriebswirtschaftliche Kennzahl, depending on the context) when referring to a Key Performance Indicator, or KPI. Not the sort of thing that someone who has just studied French or German as a second language might have come across!

By entrusting your translations to The Language Factory, you can be certain that your commercial and finance sector business reports are presented as clearly and accurately, in your chosen language, as they are in English. Your non-English-speaking colleagues, investors and partners will have all the assurances they need that your business has been the right choice for them to work with.

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