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The Language Factory provides a range of professional proofreading services where a qualified mother-tongue proofreader will check the accuracy of your texts if they have been translated by in-house translators or by another translation service.

What is translation proofreading?

In the case of full proofreading against the source text, a qualified linguist will be appointed to make sure the translation is suitable for your chosen market and audience, asking them the right questions for the localised language and culture.

Why is proofreading needed?

Attention to detail during translation is paramount – subtle differences in word choices can completely change the meaning of sentences, which could severely impact on the quality and accuracy of your output.

Proofreading a translation provides peace of mind that a second pair of eyes has reviewed every character, word, sentence and full stop. This helps to ensure the translation is accurate, grammatically correct and fit for purpose.

Proofreading at The Language Factory – why us?

  • Fast response times and reliable proofreading in over 140 languages for subjects from medical research through to educational training
  • The Language Factory proofreading services offer peace of mind that your translation conveys the intended meaning
  • Our specialised, mother-tongue translators provide reassurances of quality and value

If you’d like a qualified second pair of eyes to check your translation, whether just reading it through or checking it in full, please get in touch. We strongly recommend professional proofreading over back-translation for a more accurate way to check the quality of your translation.

For more information give us a call on +44 1727 862722 or email


As always, the team did their utmost to turn around this task in no time at all. Also when I had an additional sentence they did not flinch, which is such a help when you are already up against it.

Market Research Company Head of Global Project Services

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